Guildleves plate final.pngMunificence
Spelling: Munefycens
Meaning: Great generosity
Notes: These leves require you to gather a set quantity of items, with the leve ending once the quota is met.
In Eorzea: In Norvandt:
Portrays a Lalafell carrying goods to market. This lalafell is likely Saint Adama Landama based on the dialogue of the quest Buzzing at Church
Shadowbringers Munificence.png
Levequests (66)

Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
We Couldn't Start the Fire 1 Muriaule Botanist Chopped Firewood

Lovely Latex 1 Muriaule Botanist Pure Latex

Evil Seeds 5 Muriaule Botanist Ochu Seed

Digging Deep 10 Tierney Botanist Long Ash Log

Maple Stories 15 Qina Lyehga Botanist Clear Maple Sap

Never Strikes Twice 15 Qina Lyehga Botanist Branded Bark

Shaken, Not Stirred 20 Nyell Botanist Young Galago Mint

Just the Artifacts, Madam 20 Nyell Botanist Gelmorran Coin

Moon in Rouge 25 Nyell Botanist Soldier's Sore Berries

Nature Calls 30 Nahctahr Botanist Withered Leaf

Spear of Heaven 35 Cimeaurant Botanist Straight Oak Log

Straight and Arrow 40 Voilinaut Botanist Straight Branch

Topsy-turvy Time 45 K'leytai Botanist Scaffolding Log

A Crown for Every Head (L) 50 Eloin Botanist Saint's Breath

Breathe Deeply 50 Eloin Botanist Saint's Breath

Six Hours in a Leaky Boat 52 Eloin Botanist Caelumtree Root

Hot Tub Clime Machine (L) 52 Eloin Botanist Caelumtree Root

Dandelion Don't Tell No Lies 54 Eloin Botanist Heirloom Dandelion

Sacrilege Neutralized (L) 54 Eloin Botanist Heirloom Dandelion

These Colors Run Not (L) 56 Eloin Botanist Bright Bluecloud

Bold and Blue 56 Eloin Botanist Bright Bluecloud

Thank Heavenspillar 60 Keltraeng Botanist Heavenspillar Sap

Penned-up Frustration 62 Keltraeng Botanist Knotted Sea Pen

Timbr 64 Keltraeng Botanist Yanxian Pine Log

Hypocritic Oath 66 Keltraeng Botanist Bleatwort Cutting

Medicinal Herbs 70 Eirikur Botanist Kholusian Sage

Seeds for the Sick 72 Eirikur Botanist Magicked Seed

Fresh off the Boat 74 Eirikur Botanist Rak'tika Aloe

Culinary Concepts 76 Eirikur Botanist Greatwood Oilseed

A Balanced Diet 80 Grigge Botanist Watercress

Explosive Palms 82 Grigge Botanist Flammable Palm Oil

When Size Matters 86 Grigge Botanist Colossal Herbs

Wood Envy 88 Grigge Botanist Sturdy Log


Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
Miners' Holiday 1 Graceful Song Miner Low-quality Copper Ore

The Primrose Path 1 Graceful Song Miner Rich Yellow Copper Ore

Pipikkuli's Ship Comes In 5 Graceful Song Miner Brown Clod

It Peiste to Listen 10 Totonowa Miner Peiste Molt

Earth Sprites Are Easy 15 Poponagu Miner Earthen Power Stone

Eiderdown for Eidolons 15 Poponagu Miner Gravestone Block

Elemental Housekeeping 20 Nyell Miner Moss-covered Stone

Location, Location, Location 20 Nyell Miner High-density Siltstone

Can't Start a Fire 25 Nyell Miner Sharpened Flint Stone

That's What the Money Is For 30 Nahctahr Miner Rich Iron Ore

There Are No Good Answers 35 Cimeaurant Miner Block of Snow

Brother in Arms 40 Voilinaut Miner Marcasite

Crystal Mess 45 K'leytai Miner Overgrown Crystal

For Vares Beyond Compare (L) 50 Eloin Miner Head-sized Stone

The Road to Pilgrimage 50 Eloin Miner Head-sized Stone

Halone's Jewelry Box 52 Eloin Miner Large Raw Sapphire

Polished till They Shine (L) 52 Eloin Miner Large Raw Sapphire

There's Sand in My Water (L) 54 Eloin Miner Heavensand

Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars, Dreams of Dragon Fire 54 Eloin Miner Heavensand

The Puppets of War (L) 56 Eloin Miner Lightsand

What Goes Up 56 Eloin Miner Lightsand

Set in Stone 60 Keltraeng Miner Mollusk Fossil (Set in Stone)

Coral-lary 62 Keltraeng Miner Acan Lord Coral

Scraptacular 64 Keltraeng Miner Imperial Assault Craft Exoplate

O Say Can You Rock 66 Keltraeng Miner Steppe Glowstone

The Search for Slag 70 Eirikur Miner Kholusian Slag

Crystallized Revenge 72 Eirikur Miner Il Mheg Topaz

Jewels for Jewelry 74 Eirikur Miner Rak'tika Jade

Jewelry Is Forever 76 Eirikur Miner Nabaathite Ore

Explosive Progress 80 Grigge Miner Sturdy Silica

To Boldly Gall 82 Grigge Miner Enchanting Giantsgall

Sand in My Boots 86 Grigge Miner Fine Sand (Key Item)

The Final Touch 88 Grigge Miner Dark Annite