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Guildleves plate final.pngValor
Spelling: Valour
Meaning: The term valor originates in the middle ages as a term for strength of mind or spirit that enables one to encounter danger with firmness.
Notes: Perhaps the simplest leves, Valor leves only require that you slay the target enemies.
In Eorzea: In Norvandt:
Portrays the scene of Saint Daniffen and the Basilisk. Muster the courage to stand against those who would threaten the weak. N/A N/A
== Saint Daniffen and the Basilisk ==

When the basilisk came, the fishermen's poles which once bristled on the banks of the Velodyna River vanished from view, replaced with a sprouting of mercenaries' spears. Yet even these hardened fortune-seekers could find no counter to the beast's deadly gaze, and a forest of petrified flesh soon crowded the riverbed. Just when it seemed none remained to challenge the monster, there appeared an itinerant knight by the name of Ser Daniffen. The peril lay in meeting the creature's eyes, not in being seen by them, he proclaimed, and thus did he pad his helm's visor to render himself blind. Tracking his prey by the sound of its scraping claws alone, the knight stalked and slew the terrible basilisk. Daniffen was celebrated for his valor and daring, and raised up as a saint blessed of Halone.

Levequests (17)