Guildleves plate final.pngConcord
Spelling: Concorde
Meaning: Concord is a feeling of harmony or an agreement of interests or feelings; accord. It can also be an agreement between individuals or groups.
Notes: Concord guildleves require you to turn in the required number of fish to someone in town. As fishing guildleves function similarly to tradecraft leves, these are essentially similar to Constancy leves.
In Eorzea: In Norvandt:
A party of adventurers sits around a camp fire at night. The Lalafell is helping the Miqo'te with a fish recently caught.
Shadowbringers Concord.png
Levequests (63)


Name Level Starter Classes Items Needed
A Kelping Hand 1 Wyrkholsk Fisher Malm Kelp

Soup to Guts 1 Wyrkholsk Fisher Merlthor Goby

Adventurers' Relish 1 Wyrkholsk Fisher Lominsan Anchovy

Adventures' Relish 1 Wyrkholsk Fisher

Poor Boys Eat Well 1 Wyrkholsk Fisher Finger Shrimp

They Taste Just as Pretty 5 Wyrkholsk Fisher Coral Butterfly

Cloud Cutlet 5 Wyrkholsk Fisher Ocean Cloud

Just Add Water 10 Swygskyf Fisher Tiger Cod

Fish by Many Other Names 10 Swygskyf Fisher Moraby Flounder

My Own Private Shell 15 Orwen Fisher Rothlyt Oyster

The Deepest Cut 15 Orwen Fisher Razor Clam

Sounds Fishy to Me 20 Nyell Fisher Copperfish

The Long and the Shortcrust 20 Nyell Fisher Black Eel

A Watery Web of Lies 25 Nyell Fisher Yugr'am Salmon

A Shocking Soirée 25 Nyell Fisher Black Ghost

A Recipe for Disaster 30 Nahctahr Fisher Ash Tuna

Just Call Me Late for Dinner 30 Nahctahr Fisher Indigo Herring

The Perks of Politics 35 Cimeaurant Fisher Seema

Hands off Our Fish 35 Cimeaurant Fisher Crimson Trout

Laird of the Lakes 40 Voilinaut Fisher Northern Pike

Empire Builder 40 Voilinaut Fisher Bronze Lake Trout

Putting the Zap on Nature 45 K'leytai Fisher Boltfish

Awash in Evidence 45 K'leytai Fisher Ilsabardian Bass

A Whole Lot of Nope (L) 50 Eloin Fisher Blueclaw Shrimp

The Voice of the Fury 50 Eloin Fisher Blueclaw Shrimp

Snipped for Spirituality (L) 50 Eloin Fisher Coerthan Crab

Please Halone, Tell Me I'm Still Asleep 50 Eloin Fisher Coerthan Crab

Loose Lips Heal (Broken) Hips 52 Eloin Fisher Three-lip Carp

Fish Oils and Forgotten Spoils 52 Eloin Fisher Grass Carp

Prayer and Prejudice (L) 52 Eloin Fisher Three-lip Carp

Valuing the Vintage (L) 52 Eloin Fisher Grass Carp

A Win-win Situation (L) 54 Eloin Fisher Buoyant Oviform

Analysis of Paralysis 54 Eloin Fisher Mahu Wai

The Aquariums of Ishgard 54 Eloin Fisher Buoyant Oviform

Send a Feeling to My Spine (L) 54 Eloin Fisher Mahu Wai

Sucking on Face (L) 56 Eloin Fisher Brown Bolo

Solo Out the Bolo 56 Eloin Fisher Brown Bolo

Hundred Fins for a Hundred Wings (L) 56 Eloin Fisher Hundred Fin

Dining with Dravanians 56 Eloin Fisher Hundred Fin

Unleash the Hydro Cannons (L) 58 Eloin Fisher Fountfish

Spew Forth and Spawn 58 Eloin Fisher Fountfish

They Call It the Kissing Disease 58 Eloin Fisher Yalm Lobster

Angling for Ailments (L) 58 Eloin Fisher Yalm Lobster

Slow Wash, Rapids Jumper 60 Keltraeng Fisher Rapids Jumper

If a Leaf Falls in the Water 60 Keltraeng Fisher Fallen Leaf

Lighter Wallets 62 Keltraeng Fisher Glass Manta

In a Pickle 62 Keltraeng Fisher Eastern Sea Pickle

Catfish Scheme 64 Keltraeng Fisher Longhair Catfish

Curtains for Pleco 64 Keltraeng Fisher Curtain Pleco

Peculiar De-light 66 Keltraeng Fisher Sea Lamp

Step by Steppe 66 Keltraeng Fisher Redfin

To the Teeth 68 Keltraeng Fisher Tawny Wench Shark

Blood in the Water (68) 68 Keltraeng Fisher Steelshark

Needs More Egg 70 Eirikur Fisher Sand Egg

Eco-Warrior of Light 70 Eirikur Fisher Xanthic Bass

Jelly Salad 72 Eirikur Fisher Blood Cloud

Full of Fish 72 Eirikur Fisher Geayi

The Bride Aquatic 74 Eirikur Fisher Little Flirt

Faerie Fish 74 Eirikur Fisher Lemonfish

Crab Corps 76 Eirikur Fisher Gourmand Crab

Magic Mushrooms 76 Eirikur Fisher Paradise Crab

Short-term Gains 78 Eirikur Fisher Black Tri-star

Deep-sea Diving 78 Eirikur Fisher Azure Sea Spider