Strand by Me

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 Lv. 20   Strand by Me
Battlecraft-20-Moraby Drydocks-Levequest-Header.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png3,248 Gil Icon.png216
Possible Items
Inferno Axe Icon.png Iron Bill Icon.png Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire Icon.png Yew Picatrix Icon.png Iron Sallet Icon.png Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli) Icon.png Iron Celata Icon.png Goatskin Jacket Icon.png Cotton Dalmatica Icon.png Iron Cuirass Icon.png Iron Scale Mail Icon.png Cotton Robe Icon.png Goatskin Armguards Icon.png Cotton Dress Gloves Icon.png
Iron Gauntlets Icon.png Iron Vambraces Icon.png Goatskin Brais Icon.png Cotton Breeches Icon.png Padded Cotton Trousers Icon.png Cotton Bracers Icon.png Goatskin Leg Guards Icon.png Padded Leather Duckbills Icon.png Iron Sabatons Icon.png Voyager's Belt Icon.png Cotton Sash Icon.png Iron Plate Belt Icon.png Goatskin Belt Icon.png Goatskin Satchel Belt Icon.png
Brass Ear Cuffs Icon.png Coral Armillae Icon.png Coral Ring Icon.png Salmon Meuniere Icon.png Antelope Steak Icon.png Chicken and Mushrooms Icon.png Honey Muffin Icon.png Potion Icon.png Ether Icon.png
Informationicon.png Description
It has been five summers since the Calamity, and still yet little is known of the fantastical change wrought upon the land by the unleashing of Bahamut's aether. The queer formations off the Salt Strand are a prime example. How were these pillars formed? Do they continue to grow? To better understand the phenomena, I am studying the elemental balance in the area, and to do so, require samples of water so that I may measure levels of salt and other minerals.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Report to lower La Noscea.
  • Survey target areas.
  • Progress: 0/100
  • Report back to Ourawann at the Moraby Drydocks.
Naturalist, Isouda Kindle
Issuing NPC: Ourawann
Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - Moraby Drydocks (23-33)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Battlecraft
Guildleve: Confidence
Duration: 20m
Location: Moraby Drydocks
Wanted Target: Thunderhooves
Required Items
Mobs Involved: Naked MoleSuspicious MegalocrabRaggedy Jackal
Items Involved: Destination
Reward Details
Name Type Level iLevel
Yew Picatrix Icon.png Yew Picatrix Arcanist's Grimoire 22 22
Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire Icon.png Engraved Hard Leather Grimoire Arcanist's Grimoire 20 20
Iron Scale Mail Icon.png Iron Scale Mail Body 23 23
Iron Cuirass Icon.png Iron Cuirass Body 20 20
Cotton Dalmatica Icon.png Cotton Dalmatica Body 18 18
Goatskin Jacket Icon.png Goatskin Jacket Body 20 20
Cotton Robe Icon.png Cotton Robe Body 24 24
Coral Armillae Icon.png Coral Armillae Bracelets 19 19
Brass Ear Cuffs Icon.png Brass Ear Cuffs Earrings 20 20
Padded Leather Duckbills Icon.png Padded Leather Duckbills Feet 19 19
Iron Sabatons Icon.png Iron Sabatons Feet 20 20
Goatskin Leg Guards Icon.png Goatskin Leg Guards Feet 20 20
Cotton Bracers Icon.png Cotton Bracers Hands 23 23
Goatskin Armguards Icon.png Goatskin Armguards Hands 20 20
Cotton Dress Gloves Icon.png Cotton Dress Gloves Hands 21 21
Iron Vambraces Icon.png Iron Vambraces Hands 19 19
Iron Gauntlets Icon.png Iron Gauntlets Hands 20 20
Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli) Icon.png Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli) Head 20 20
Iron Celata Icon.png Iron Celata Head 20 20
Iron Sallet Icon.png Iron Sallet Head 20 20
Cotton Breeches Icon.png Cotton Breeches Legs 19 19
Goatskin Brais Icon.png Goatskin Brais Legs 20 20
Padded Cotton Trousers Icon.png Padded Cotton Trousers Legs 20 20
Inferno Axe Icon.png Inferno Axe Marauder's Arm 20 20
Iron Bill Icon.png Iron Bill Marauder's Arm 23 23
Salmon Meuniere Icon.png Salmon Meuniere Meal 23
Chicken and Mushrooms Icon.png Chicken and Mushrooms Meal 19
Antelope Steak Icon.png Antelope Steak Meal 20
Honey Muffin Icon.png Honey Muffin Meal 21
Ether Icon.png Ether Medicine 15
Potion Icon.png Potion Medicine 10
Coral Ring Icon.png Coral Ring Ring 19 19
Iron Plate Belt Icon.png Iron Plate Belt Waist 20 20
Goatskin Satchel Belt Icon.png Goatskin Satchel Belt Waist 23 23
Goatskin Belt Icon.png Goatskin Belt Waist 23 23
Voyager's Belt Icon.png Voyager's Belt Waist 20 20
Cotton Sash Icon.png Cotton Sash Waist 21 21

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