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Finding Your Voice

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 60   Job Lock. You may not proceed with a class or job different from when you accepted this quest. Quest rewards will vary depending upon your class or job at the time of quest completion.  Finding Your Voice  Repeatable

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Ardashir: Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.1, y:10.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Helix

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png60Coming into Its OwnFeaturequest1 Icon.png Coming into Its Own (Level 60)


Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Ardashir has made a breakthrough in his study of the anima.
※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • With (your Anima weapon/shield) in your inventory, deliver the pots of aether oil to Ardashir 0/5.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png60A Dream FulfilledFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Dream Fulfilled (Level 60)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Aether Oil
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
ArdashirAnima (NPC)

  • Ardashir has made a breakthrough in his study of the anima.
※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • Ardashir is determined to supplement the anima's aetheric energies so that it might relay its thoughts clearly and concisely. To that end, he proposes improving the aetherial conductivity of the weapon not only to give the anima the strength to converse, but to allow those without the Echo to comprehend that which is communicated. Gerolt begrudgingly agrees to assist. To work on the anima weapon, however, he must first insulate his tools with a soulglaze, and for that he requires five pots of aether oil. He bids you seek out Eorzea's traders of ancient antiquities to procure what he requires.
※You may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • You return with pots of aether oil in hand to find Gerolt in unusually high spirits. He soon reveals the reason for his good mood, namely that he has, in fact, consumed a large volume of spirits. Deaf to Ardashir's plea to lower his hammer, Gerolt begins pounding away with surprising speed and precision. It is not long before his work is complete and you take up a weapon seemingly alive with aether. As you raise it high to bask in its warm glow, the anima suddenly manifests itself to you. It is thankful for its newfound strength, and vows to do what it can to aid you in your coming adventures. Though he cannot yet perceive the anima, Ardashir is glad to see you sharing such a lengthy exchange, and looks forward to seeing how the anima will take shape under your guidance.

We have made remarkable progress, Forename, but our work is far from over.

If we are to create a truly freethinking weapon, we must empower the anima to do more than utter a few unintelligible words to its wielder.

Moreover, it must be encouraged to recognize you not only as the rightful owner of the weapon, but also as a companion to whom it can turn for guidance.
...A companion who senses its presence where no other can.

Quite why that should be is a question which confounded me for some time.

It was only after spending countless days poring over my notes that the answer came to me. In my efforts to predict the anima's rate of growth, I realized that I had overlooked an important variable─you, my friend. Which is why I took the liberty of investigating you and your dealings in Eorzea.

You are possessed of a rare power known to some as the “Echo,” are you not?

I have read that it conveys a preternatural sensitivity to the psyches of others. And what is the anima but a nascent psyche?
Yer sayin' ye've got to have special powers just to see the bloody thing?
...Special powers what only a handful o' folks've got. Well, that's just great, that is. Even if Forename an' his Echo-sportin' mates buy ten weapons each, they ain't like to spend the sums Rowena's got in mind, meanin' me debts are set to go unpaid. Unless, o' course, ye've thought of a solution?
As a matter of fact, I have!

Unlike the quasi-souls of golems and other constructs, the anima is unique in that it was created using the pure aetherial energies of astral and umbral nodules. As such, it bears no residual imprint of another psyche, and therefore possesses the potential for cognizance and growth.

Having no reason or desire to grow, golems can typically subsist almost indefinitely on the energy of their initial aetherial infusion.

The anima, however, is quite different. Being in a state of constant development, it requires a constant supply of aether. And while it is capable of sustaining itself by drawing upon the naturally occurring aether of its immediate surroundings, I have theorized that the cause of its marked growth to this point is, in fact, its close proximity with you, Forename.

Your weapon serves as a conduit between you and the anima, feeding it energy at a steady, albeit slow, pace. If we could somehow improve the weapon's conductivity, I am certain it would promote faster growth, enhancing the anima's ability to communicate.

But that is not all. Should we improve the conductivity sufficiently, the resultant strengthening of the connection between anima and wielder could, in theory, facilitate communication even in the absence of the Echo─felling two birds with but a single stone.

Which is where you come in, Gerolt. Do you think you can improve the aetherial conductivity of our anima's lodgings?
Hmph. I can't bloody well say no now, can I?

I reckon I should be able to get the aether flowin' a bit freer between Forename and the anima, but it'll come at a cost.

By improvin' the weapon's conductivity, it'll become extra sensitive to anyone touchin' it, and that includes me when I'm poundin' on it with me hammer. My energies pourin' into the anima could muddle up whatever relations Forename's already got with it.

I mean, if the bloody thing was to take after me instead of old Forename here...
Yes, yes, I will not deny that taking after a man of your...character could certainly prove problematic. But how would you go about preventing such contamination?
Contamination!? Cheeky little shite! Any anima'd be lucky to take after me! Just not this one, on account o' how it's Forename's. Don't go worryin' yer pretty little head, anyway, 'cause unlike you, I think my plans through.

It's a matter o' makin' me tools impassible to aether, in case yer wonderin'. Luckily, I've done summat similar before. While I was workin' with another annoyin' scholarly type, we developed a little trick called “soulglazin'.” It's used to insulate weapons, but me tools shouldn't be no different.

...'Course, I didn't actually make the soulglaze meself, but I've got a fair idea what might stand in fer it. Accordin' to a glowin' ball I was talkin' to, the Allagans used summat called “aether oil” in their metalworkin', an' it did pretty much the same job.

It's sure to be rare, expensive, or a bit o' both, but ye've got experience with this sort o' thing, don't ye lad?

So run along an' find us five pots of aether oil fer me hammer an' anvil, will ye? We're none of us gettin' any younger.
...I am, of course, grateful to you for identifying a solution. It is but a pity you did not think to ask this glowing ball of yours where to acquire it. Mayhap next time you could think your plan through a little more, yes?

I apologize for this gross imposition, but I fear we must have that aether oil if we are to proceed.

In the meantime, Gerolt and I will continue researching how best to foster the anima's development.

Greetings, Forename. I take it you are ready for the next step in nurturing yet another young anima.
Then we must apply another coating of soulglaze to Gerolt's tools that he may safely work on the anima's vessel.

As you may recall, the process calls for five pots of aether oil. I know not where you acquired them before, but I must ask that you do so again. We will have made the necessary preparations by the time you return.

We shall set to work as soon as you return with the aether oil. It is five pots we require, don't forget. Oh, and do remember to bring the weapon itself. We shall struggle to proceed without that!
You must have <Relic Name>
and <Relic Shield>
in your inventory to proceed with this quest.
Was I not clear? If we are to improve the anima weapon's conductivity without exposing the poor thing to Gerolt's...character, we need five pots of aether oil.

Well done, friend. While you were abroad acquiring these, we saw to the rather less onerous matter of our own preparations.

In the process, we happened upon an archive with a particularly riveting selection of texts on aetherochemical research that may well prove useful in the future.

Alas, I was only able to steal a few cursory glances at their contents as Gerolt was intent upon sneaking off to drown himself in ardent spirits. <sigh> Would that he were as keen to immerse himself in his work...

Well done, friend. Preparations went fairly smoothly in your absence...despite Gerolt's best attempts to lose himself in his cups.
Pious little prick. A young'un like you wouldn't understand. It's me inspiration! All me best ideas come after downin' summat strong.
Is that right? Then what a pity you abstained for as long as you did. Had you only been a little more inebriated, mayhap you would have devised a plan which didn't involve putting Forename to such trouble.
Shut yer gob an' coat me anvil with that aether oil before I crack one o' them pots over yer head.
There. Applying the oil was much easier than I expected. How did you fare with your hammer?
She's oiled up an' ready fer action. There's no tellin' how long the coatin'll last, though. Time to get poundin'!
Please do be careful, Gerolt. Forename went to great lengths to procure that oil. I would not have him go to all that trouble again through any error on our part.
I think yer forgettin' who yer talkin' to, lad. My only error's makin' weapons what're too good fer their owners─present company excepted o' course. Besides, I downed a bottle o' the good stuff not long ago. Never felt better!
Well, I am glad to hear─
Wait, did you say a bottle? A whole bottle!? Seven hells, man! I cannot in good conscience allow you to work in your condition!
Bah! Don't be so daft. It weren't bad stuff. 'Least I don't think it was. I found it when ye were readin'─hic!─all about them aether-comical wossnames.

Anyroad, there's only one way to find out how good it really was. It's─hic!─hammerin' time!

Now stand back, and let the─hic!─master get to work! is that possible? Such swift, precise movements. And his eyes─never have I seen them so sharp. Is he quite certain it was alcohol he drank and not some manner of invigorating tonic?

No matter how many times I see it, I fail to comprehend how alcohol can inspire a man to work with such vigor.

This is not the drunkard I imagined when Rowena introduced us. Mayhap...mayhap we should keep another bottle on hand. In case he should be required to craft something else, I mean.

Truly the realm's most peculiar blacksmith.
There! A taste o' me true talents. Next time, maybe ye'll believe old Gerolt when he tells ye about the redeemin' power of a stiff drink.

Now then, Forename. Hold her up and see how she feels. Like an extension o' yer arms, I'll bet, what with the aether flowin' so free.

A genuine, bona fide bleedin' masterpiece
fashioned for the realm's greatest adventurer by her greatest livin'─hic!─blacksmith...!
Magnificent! Simply magnificent! You can almost feel his aetherial energies coursing through
. What effect do you suppose this will have on the anima?
So warm...

I feel at peace. I feel...myself. You would share your aether─the very essence of your being─to lend me strength?

Then I, for my part, shall do all in my power to lend you strength in turn, and together we shall explore the realm as comrades. That is, if you will have me...?

So warm...
At last I feel...myself. You would share your aether─the very essence of your being─to support me?
Then I, in turn, shall do all that I can to support you, going wheresoever you go, even unto the farthest reaches of the realm. If, that is, you will you take me as your companion...?
Forename...? I take it the anima has spoken with you once again?
That was a comparatively lengthy exchange, was it not? Far longer, certainly, than the scant whispers you described before. This is progress, my friend! Tangible progress! Should our young charge continue to develop at this rate, it may not be long before Gerolt and I can converse with it! At last, our goal of a freethinking weapon is within reach!
Impressed, are ye? Well, the anima weapon's just the start. Feast yer eyes on this little beauty!

While Forename was off lookin' fer aether oil, I went fer a little wander and this thing found me─I mean, I found it.

Anyroad, seein' as there ain't much these Allagan contraptions can't do, I gave it a recipe for makin' spirits. And let me tell ye, the thing's got a real knack for─hic!─followin' instructions.

With a bit o' work, I reckon we could probably teach it how to make weapons what look like the anima weapon by the bleedin' dozen!
They won't be real anima weapons, o' course, on account o' there bein' no spirit inside, but ye can be sure they'll still sell. And seein' as how ye helped me get here, I'll even let you have one half-price. Can't say fairer than that, eh?
Have you no decency!? We did not come here to fashion trinkets. We came here to imbue weapons with life! Life that should be respected!
Respectin' life don't come into it. I came here to pay off me debts, remember. An' if that means makin' a few trinkets, I'll bloody well make 'em. Like it or not, where there's muck, there's money, an' I mean to─hic!─take it.
<sigh> Drinking may have served to steady your arm, but I see your moral compass remains as wayward as ever. Plainly, there are limits to even alcohol's miraculous powers.

But let us set aside Gerolt's scheming for the present. Today marks an important malmstone in our collective journey─and in your journey especially, Forename. The bond you share with the anima is stronger than ever. Teach it well, and one day soon the world will look upon the brilliance of our anima weapon and wonder!

Today marks an important malmstone in our collective journey─and in your journey especially, Forename. You have successfully strengthened your bond with another anima. Teach it well, and one day soon the world will look upon the brilliance of our anima weapons and wonder!
Your anima weapon is now hyperconductive, fortifying your bond with the spirit within!
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See Anima Weapons (Phase Two) for detailed information on how to complete this quest.

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