Keepers of the Moon

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Main Command 3 Icon.pngKeepers of the Moon
Race: Miqo'te
As might be surmised from their self-chosen name, the majority of the Keepers of the Moon are devout followers of Menphina. They reside and hunt freely in the Shroud, where for many years they came in conflict with the people of Gridania, who saw the Keepers as little more than poachers. In recent years, however, the two sides have reconciled their differences, and today many Keepers hunt in accordance with rules set by the Trappers' League, bartering furs and meats they procure for agricultural goods and essential commodities. Others, however, refuse to bend to these rules, poaching the woods and laying waste to the natural environment as they see fit. [1]

Distribution: The Black Shroud [1]

Physical Attributes:
Save for their longer tail, the Keepers are nearly identical to their Seeker cousins in physical stature, and can be distinguished by their fur, dark as the night fog, and the large pupils of their eyes. Though lacking the physical stamina of the Seekers, they make up for this with a fierce strength of will and unerring instincts. With their keen intuition, Keeper hunters have been known to easily snare even targets concealed in the gloom of night. [1]

The Keepers of the Moon are a highly matriarchal society. This is manifested in their names, each of which ends with a matronymic. In the female name Okhi Nbolo, Ohki is the given name, to which is attached the family name Nbolo. It is said that some of these surnames have survived since the First Astral Era. Female and male names show little distinction from each other, with both composed of short, powerful syllables. The matriarchal tendencies can also be seen in male names, which are composed of the mother's forename to which is appended a suffix indicating birth order ('a for the first son, 'li, 'sae, 'ra, 'ir, 'wo, 'ya, 'zi, and 'tan for the tenth). Though these suffixes number ten, rarely are more than two or three sons born to even the largest Keeper families. [2]

In contrast to the Seekers of the Sun, with their male-dominated tribes and harems, the fundamental unit of Keeper of the Moon society is the family, centered around a strong mother figure and her children. Keepers are known to form small communities composed of two to three families who hunt together. They are also known for decorating their faces with war paint before going on the hunt, a tradition symbolizing their readiness and resolve to stain their hands with blood, as well as sending a message to their gods that they are prepared to serve them as warriors in the afterlife should they fall. [1]

Starting Statistics
Strength +19
Vitality +18
Dexterity +22
Intelligence +21
Mind +23
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