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For Want of a Memory

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 80   Job Lock. You may not proceed with a class or job different from when you accepted this quest. Quest rewards will vary depending upon your class or job at the time of quest completion.  For Want of a Memory  Repeatable

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Zlatan: Gangos (x:6.1, y:4.9)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Doman Enclave → Gangos

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png80A Sober ProposalFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Sober Proposal (Level 80)


Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Augmented Honorbound
Augmented Honorbound
Augmented Tenacity
Augmented Tenacity
Augmented Samsara
Augmented Samsara
Augmented Skullrender
Augmented Skullrender
Augmented Dreizack
Augmented Dreizack
Augmented Brilliance
Augmented Brilliance
Augmented Ingrimm
Augmented Ingrimm
Augmented Soulscourge
Augmented Soulscourge
Augmented Espiritus
Augmented Espiritus
Augmented Akademos
Augmented Akademos
Augmented Honeshirazu
Augmented Honeshirazu
Augmented Woeborn
Augmented Woeborn
Augmented Lawman
Augmented Lawman
Augmented Solstice
Augmented Solstice
Augmented Hoshikiri
Augmented Hoshikiri
Augmented Talekeeper
Augmented Talekeeper
Augmented Crownsblade
Augmented Crownsblade
Augmented Enchufla
Augmented Enchufla
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Zlatan is ready to test the power of memories.
※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • With (your Resistance Weapons) in your inventory, deliver the memories of the dying to Zlatan at Gangos.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png80The Will to ResistFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Will to Resist (Level 80)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Tenacity (Item)
Tortured Memory of the Dying
Sorrowful Memory of the Dying
Harrowing Memory of the Dying
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Zlatan is ready to test the power of memories.
※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • You consult Zlatan about the types of memories that would be ideal for strengthening your weapon's inscription. Considering the blades of Gunnhildr were originally forged in Bozja, he believes memories of battle from the southern front are a matter of course. Then, to add a personal touch, he suggests memories of battle from a memorable location from your past would be ideal. As for how many memories, he believes the task at hand calls for three varieties of memory, and twenty of each.
※You may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
※Memories of the dying can be obtained in the field fighting at the southern front, or from specific FATEs in the following locations:
Coerthas Western Highlands, the Dravanian Forelands, the Dravanian Hinterlands, the Churning Mists, the Sea of Clouds, or Azys Lla.
  • With the requisite memories in hand, you return to Gangos and hand them over to Gerolt, who wastes no time setting to work filling the encampment with the clangor of his hammer. The ringing soon halts, and he presents you with a newly forged weapon. As you take it into hand, the newfound power surging through it is unmistakable. Zlatan can only look on in wonder at Gerolt's work, but their revelry comes to an end when Rowena appears. She explains that the idea to use memories to enhance the Resistance weapons was hers. What's more, one of the materials needed to accomplish this─a rather expensive one, she claims─was purchased from her stores on the behalf of the Resistance. It remains to be seen what she will ask for in return for her wares, but for now you take satisfaction in knowing you are better armed for the fight against the Empire.

What will you do?
Undertake this quest as another job. Undertake this quest as
a dark knight
Right then. As we discussed with Master Gerolt, I would ask that you procure memories for your weapon.

If I may be frank, it is quite a relief to know we needn't rely on Mistress Rowena for this endeavor. Fashioning weapons for the new Gunnhildr's Blades was taxing enough on our coffers.

Gods, I shudder to think what more she could demand as payment...

Ahem, but I digress. Perhaps first we should consider what manner of memory would be suitable for our purposes.

They should be memories of battle of course, but... Hmmm. The weapons' lineage can be traced to Bozja, so perhaps memories of battle on the southern front would be ideal.

And to add a personal touch, I should think a memorable battle from places in your past would do nicely.

By my estimates, we will need three varieties of memory, and twenty of each. When you've gathered what we need, we can consult Master Gerolt on how best to proceed.

Another Resistance weapon? Then I hope you are prepared to procure more memories.

As before, we will need three varieties of memory, and twenty of each. Whether you gather them from the southern front or another more memorable locale, I leave to your judgment.

Three varieties of memory should be more than enough, though we will require twenty of each to ensure our success.
Were you able to acquire the necessary memories? Before we can do anything, I'll need you to unequip your weapon.

Master Gerolt is ready to begin. If you have the necessary memories, that is.

Excellent. And the weapon, if you please.

Now, let us see what Master Gerolt has planned.
Aye, this looks to be everythin'. Have to hand it to those soldiers, they had a lot to say about all those crystals and whatnot.
Now if this works as it should─and it will, seein' as I planned it─once the memories are extracted, their energies can be absorbed into the inscriptions and stabilized. At the very least, it should double the strength of the user's bond with the weapon.
My word! To think memories of battle could lend one such strength... Ahem. Shall we begin then, Master Gerolt?
Another weapon for the ol' forge, eh? All right, let's see what tricks I've left up me sleeves.
But say the word, Master Gerolt, and I shall assist you.
Sit tight, Forename. This shouldn't take long.

Fine work, if I do say so meself. Fit to rekindle hope in the Resistance: !

A right fine blade if I do say so meself. Fit to rekindle hope in the Resistance: !

'Course we can't forget her twin, !
Turned out better than I expected. To be honest, I was stumped at first, then it hit me like a keg of ale. Had to pull a few strings to get all the ingredients together, but it was worth it in the end, eh?
I reckon if I had to do it again, the inscriptions could be infused with even more memories if we wanted.
Your genius never ceases to amaze me, Master Gerolt. But if I may ask, what exactly did you mean by “pulling strings”?
For a lazy drunkard like him? Naturally, it can only mean one thing.
And the idea didn't hit him like a keg of ale so much as my hand to the back of his slack-jawed head. He was supposed to be reportin' his progress, but he was practically in tears beggin' me for help.
Then the materials for the weapon were...from your stores?
Not all of them, no. Just one. After he stopped snivelin' and explained yer predicament, it called to mind a young lady in Idyllshire whose work required a special memory cloth, though I'd rather not go into the details o' why. As you can imagine, the stuff doesn't come cheap.
By the gods... More debt?
I'm sure Bajsaljen won't mind!
So Gerolt came to me without consultin' the Resistance first? No surprises there.
As much as I'd like to squeeze him for every gil he's worth, if the Resistance were to crumble at a time like this, it'd be bad for business. How about we make another deal?
<sigh> Ever the businesswoman, I see. What did you have in mind?
Nothin' that'll place any further strain on your coffers, if that's what you were thinking. You'll see...
Would you look at that. Our luck's turnin' for the better. What do you suppose's got her in such a good mood?
I dare not ask, for I suspect this yet bodes ill for the future of the Resistance...

But, I suppose it does us little good to bemoan troubles yet to come. Work on Blade Surname's weapon is complete. In the end, that is what matters.

For the sake of the Resistance, we must concentrate our efforts on further strengthening the Resistance weapons. Rowena will reveal her plans to us soon enough, I'm sure.
The power of the memories seems to have taken to the weapon, and the enchantment of the cloth is holdin'. I reckon it can stand to be refined further if need be.
With every forging Master Gerolt leaves me in awe of his work. Sadly, that feeling is supplanted by confusion and frustration at his appalling work ethic.
But that is neither here nor there. When you believe you are ready to see your weapon strengthened further, pray do not hesitate to call on us. Take care, and stay safe on the battlefield.
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The objective is to deliver the following:
Tortured Memory of the Dying Icon.png Tortured Memory of the Dying x20.  Southern section of Bozja.
Sorrowful Memory of the Dying Icon.png Sorrowful Memory of the Dying x20.  Middle section of Bozja.
Harrowing Memory of the Dying Icon.png Harrowing Memory of the Dying x20.  Northern section of Bozja.
The memories drop from some activities in the The Bozjan Southern Front but the drop rate is low. In the following zones, the drop rate is 100% from FATEs if you receive a gold medal:

To complete the mission you must also (1) be the class/job that accepted the mission, and (2) have the resistance weapon unequipped and in your inventory or armory chest. (Remember to remove the materia!)
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