Resonating with Perfection

Featurequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   Job Lock. You may not proceed with a class or job different from when you accepted this quest. Quest rewards will vary depending upon your class or job at the time of quest completion.  Resonating with Perfection

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Gerolt: Radz-at-Han - Artha - The High Crucible of Al-Kimiya (x:12, y:7.1)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Radz-at-Han Aetheryte Plaza → The High Crucible of Al-Kimiya

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png90A Spirited ReforgingFeaturequest1 Icon.png A Spirited Reforging (Level 90)
071341.png90Gentlemen at HeartFeaturequest1 Icon.png Gentlemen at Heart (Level 90)


Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Mandervillous Falchion
Mandervillous Falchion
Mandervillous Kite Shield
Mandervillous Kite Shield
Mandervillous Battleaxe
Mandervillous Battleaxe
Mandervillous Greatsword
Mandervillous Greatsword
Mandervillous Gunblade
Mandervillous Gunblade
Mandervillous Cane
Mandervillous Cane
Mandervillous Codex
Mandervillous Codex
Mandervillous Torquetum
Mandervillous Torquetum
Mandervillous Wings
Mandervillous Wings
Mandervillous Fists
Mandervillous Fists
Mandervillous Trident
Mandervillous Trident
Mandervillous Knives
Mandervillous Knives
Mandervillous Samurai Blade
Mandervillous Samurai Blade
Mandervillous Zaghnal
Mandervillous Zaghnal
Mandervillous Compound Bow
Mandervillous Compound Bow
Mandervillous Revolver
Mandervillous Revolver
Mandervillous Chakrams
Mandervillous Chakrams
Mandervillous Rod
Mandervillous Rod
Mandervillous Index
Mandervillous Index
Mandervillous Rapier
Mandervillous Rapier
026002.png With Great Power Comes Great Mandervillity
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Cosmic Crystallite
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Gerolt is itching to get on with perfecting the Manderville weapons.
Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Obtain chunks of cosmic crystallite. 0/3
  • With <Your Majestic Manderville Weapon> in your inventory or Armoury Chest, deliver the chunks of cosmic crystallite to Gerolt.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png90Positively MandervillousFeaturequest1 Icon.png Positively Mandervillous (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Majestic Manderville Sword
Majestic Manderville Shield
Majestic Manderville Bardiche
Majestic Manderville Greatsword
Majestic Manderville Bayonet
Majestic Manderville Wand
Majestic Manderville Codex
Majestic Manderville Orrery
Majestic Manderville Wings
Majestic Manderville Chakrams
Majestic Manderville Spear
Majestic Manderville Knives
Majestic Manderville Samurai Blade
Majestic Manderville War Scythe
Majestic Manderville Harp Bow
Majestic Manderville Pistol
Majestic Manderville Chakrams
Majestic Manderville Staff
Majestic Manderville Index
Majestic Manderville Degen
Cosmic Crystallite
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Gerolt is itching to get on with perfecting the Manderville weapons.
※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
  • His jubilant attitude somewhat subdued in the presence of his beloved wife Julyan and her critical eye, Godbert shares with you the key to perfecting the legendary Manderville weapons: the oil known as Ultramanderville. The lubricant's main ingredient is apparently derived from yet another meteoritic material which, once again, is available from your usual tomestone-hungry vendor.
※You may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
※Chunks of cosmic crystallite can be obtained from Jubrunnah at the aetheryte plaza in Rad-at-Han.
  • Much to Gerolt's initial disbelief, extracting the crystallite's aetherial essence is achieved through the medium of gentlemanly motion-specifically the resonant waveforms created by a collaborative Manderville dance. From there, it is a simple matter of reshaping the weaponry, then coating it with a carefully measured mixture of Ultramanderville. The result of this process serves to unlock a final recording stored in Godbert's reclaimed relic, and you are treated to a congratulatory message from the eccentric Godbrand. Moved by Godbrand's earnest plea and convinced by her husband's purity of purpose, Julyan elects to approve the continued financing of the Manderville weapon project. Godbert thanks you once more for your contributions, and bids you refine new armaments as you see fit. After all, one can spare no expense when investing in a peaceful future.

Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
066464 hr1.png By Design
I hear Godbert's finally figured out how to perfect his alien weaponry. 'Bout bleedin' time, eh?
We shall inform his lordship that you are eager to begin...
At long last, Forename! The end to our arduous, yet most rewarding, weaponsmithing journey is finally in sight!

And a bloody expensive journey it's been. That's why I'm here not as a dutiful wife or dotin' mother, but as a concerned senior partner of Manderville & Manderville.

Our company's footed the bill for all sorts of extravagant materials and expert assistance, not to mention the rent we're payin' for these High Crucible facilities.

Even if this is the final stage of the process, that's only one Manderville weapon out of how soddin' many...?

Our side business in replica weapons ain't exactly boomin' neither, so I reckoned I needed to come and gauge the value of continuin' this venture with me own two eyes.
S-So let us offer our full cooperation to my wif—uh, business partner as she oversees proceedings.

Hah, now there's a sight! Seems his lordship's lost his cocksure composure!

What happened, Godbert? Weren't ye just tellin' me how yer ridiculous wealth made ye free to craft whatever ye pleased...?

I'd be on my best behavior if I were you, Master Gerolt. After all, your considerable remuneration is one of the main expenditures Lady Julyan will be scrutinizing!

Ahem. Let us move on to the topic of armament augmentation, shall we?

Unsurprisingly, the key to perfected weaponry lies in the application of the perfect oil—a substance known as Ultramanderville! This superlative lubricant will serve to maximize aetherial conductivity.
Again with the creepy oils...

And as one might have predicted, the Ultramanderville's main ingredient is derived from yet another incredibly rare meteoritic material. "Cosmic crystallite," 'tis called.

When it came to the method for extracting said ingredient from the meteorite, however, my ancestor's relic was conspicuously devoid of instruction.

Thus did I consult with Master PuPu. Thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge of alien civilizations, he was able to furnish me with the requisite technique.

I must say, 'tis a rather unorthodox process, and one I cannot complete alone. It shall necessitate the involvement of everyone present.
I don't like the sound o' that... What foppish nonsense are ye meanin' to foist upon us this time?

Oh, nothing too terribly taxing, I assure you. All shall be explained in due course.

Ere we can begin, we must tend to the tedious chore of procuring crafting materials. Forename, if you would, pray acquire the crystallite through our usual tomestone-hungry vendor.

We shall require three goodly chunks: one for the oil's main ingredient, and the others to reshape the weaponry itself.

Yes, I should warn you that these advanced Mandervillian techniques will not only enhance your armament's properties, but also greatly alter its appearance. In anticipation of such wondrous transformation, let us hurry to our tasks!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Accepted
Chunks of cosmic crystallite can be obtained from Jubrunnah at the aetheryte plaza in Radz-at-Han.
That's the crystallite, is it? Best get yer gear unbuckled, then. An' I mean jus' the weaponry!

Once you get yer hands on enough o' that crystallite stuff, ye can bring it here to me. An' then we'll see what fresh torture his lordship has in store for us...

Oooh, let's have a look at them shiny rocks.

Aye, these ought to do the trick. I'll grab his lordship, an' we can get to work!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
066464 hr1.png Conundrum

Thank you for your untiring efforts, Forename. These acquisitions are most demanding, I know, but we could not proceed without them.

Crystallite of this type is said to have mystical properties, its every mote infused with aether from its journey across the cosmos...

We will use Godbrand's technique to harness and condense that cosmic energy, that we may extract a single, concentrated drop. This precious liquid is the heart and soul of our Ultramanderville coating.
Well that's bloody fascinatin' an' all, but would ye explain the godsdamned technique already? Ye mean to have us fightin' this time? Meditatin'...?

Dancing, my good man. We shall perform the traditional dance of House Manderville together.

In his search for a viable method, Godbrand failed to extract the crystallite's aetherial essence innumerable times.

Frustrated beyond measure, he eventually contacted a friend on a far-off star to ask for advice. Thus did he learn the theory of compressing the crystallite's stored energies by bombarding it with a specific aetheric waveform─much like squeezing a lemon.

An inspired Godbrand then returned to work, where he experimented with generating waveforms through physical movement. One particular choreography provided the perfect resonance, and lo, the trademark Manderville undulations were born.

Oh, and as it so happens, the “far-off star” in question was the home world of our own Master PuPu. 'Twas his keen eye that recognized the familiar resonant properties of our gentlemanly dance and allowed us to rediscover the extraction process.
Dress it up in fancy words all ye want, but I ain't swallowin' this ridiculous shite. Think ye can extract mineral essence with yer daft dancin'? Hah! Count me out!
I've come in a strictly observational role, so no dancin' for me, neither.

If you both so wish. We shall perform the extraction without you.

As for you, Forename, your role shall be most crucial: I should like you to hold the crystallite and catch the quintessence as it falls.
066464 hr1.png Music stops
Ye see? Load o' chocobo shite...
Hrm, the dance lacks sufficient intensity...
Ugh, for the love o'...fine.
066464 hr1.png Heroes Forge Ahead's bloody magical...
The resonance...'tis still not strong enough!
066464 hr1.png ???

Huzzah! Our combined performance did the trick!

Master Gerolt and I will take it from here. Let us prepare the vial of Ultramanderville and proceed with the final augmentations!
Aye, yer about to witness the peak of craftsmanship!
066464 hr1.png Machinations

Now we apply the Ultramanderville coating. As with the prior stage, the final composition of the oil's ingredients will greatly influence the armament's properties.

I shall need you to take a moment and consider well which qualities you value most in your weaponry...
What will you do?

1) Adjust the attributes of your Manderville weaponry.
2) Learn about Manderville weaponry attributes.
3) Nothing.

You can choose three attributes to add to your newly augmented Manderville weaponry. One of these attributes will be set to a lower value than the other two.

Once you have adjusted the values to your liking, select "Confirm" to finalize your decision.

Resetting your weaponry's attributes will require an additional chunk of cosmic crystallite, so consider your choices carefully.

You are certain? Then so it shall be!
066464 hr1.png The Only Path
Behold, Forename! The work is done!

The perfected art of dedicated artisans...

A <Mandervillous Weapon>
an' Mandervillous Kite Shield
The beauteous, tangible reward for all our toil and sacrifice...
It's a grand sight, alright. Fightin' mammets, drinkin' weird booze, and dancin' weirder jigs is an odd bloody way to forge a weapon, but ye can't argue with the end result.

There is, in fact, one other favorable consequence to finishing our project.

My family's relic contains what appears to be a locked recording and, if what Master PuPu tells me is correct, our completed Manderville weaponry should serve as the key to opening it. Shall we give it a try?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Quest Complete
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Ah, excellent─'twould seem the relic has responded to your armament. Let us commence the viewing!

If you are watching this recording, then I must assume you have successfully brought the Manderville weaponry to its completed state.

Allow me, then, to share some of the philosophy that went into the weaponry's creation.
066464 hr1.png Spoken without End
As I explained in my previous story, the many worlds upon which we Mandervillians resided were laid to waste by an inexplicable catastrophe.
The Final Days, one must imagine...

Peace reigns upon this star for now, but we can never know when or what manner of chaos might threaten our tranquil lives.

Thus did I endeavor to forge armaments with the power to repel any threat, no matter how dire.

However... In the wrong hands, such powerful weapons may exacerbate the very problem they were created to solve.

Sadly, my long search for worthy wielders─those possessed of both martial excellence and unyielding moral fortitude─has failed. I am left with no choice but to destroy my triumphant works.
That explains how ye lost the originals, eh?

In the hopes that a deserving hero will one day emerge, I have decided to leave the secrets of their manufacture to my heirs. By necessity the process must be rendered cryptic, lest these potent armaments be too readily attained.

The fact that you are watching this proves you had the wisdom to pierce my elaborate obfuscations, and the discipline to retrace the grueling steps of my smithing saga.

I have faith in your judgment.

Do what is just, and entrust the Manderville weaponry to those who champion the ideals of peace.
How gratifying to know that my motives were aligned with those of my ancestor! 'Twas my own experience of the Final Days which moved me to recreate the Manderville weapons and put them in heroic hands such as yours.
066464 hr1.png Where the Heart Is
And 'tis more gratifying, still, that we should succeed in the task which Godbrand himself set for his descendants. I thank you all for your valuable contributions.
I'll admit, was a bit of a shock to hear we was craftin' alien designs, but ye hired the right smith for the job!
Y-You know the job isn't over yet, yes? There are still many weapon variants we have left to reforge.
I know, I know, don't get yer bloody smallclothes in a twist. I'll stick around until the last blow is hammered.
For the extraction of the Ultramanderville essence, I must ask that you call upon the assistance of the High Crucible alchemists. It matters not who performs the dance, as long as they do so with gentlemanly perfection and aplomb.

It's clear to me now that the Manderville weapons're more than just a pet project─they're an investment in the future of our world.

Ye have me permission to keep 'em on the books as an official Manderville & Manderville enterprise!

Ohoho, that is a relief! 'Twould be difficult to cover these expenses with my weekly entertainment budget.

With that settled, we can continue as before: our most excellent House Manderville artisan shall handle requests to perfect other weapons in your possession.

Meanwhile, our resident expert alchemist will assist with adjusting weapon properties. Assuming you supply the requisite crystallite, of course.

All in all, this has been a most satisfying experience. My thanks again, and I look forward to our next mutually beneficial encounter!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
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