Toughening Up

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The "Awoken" item(s) you receive depends upon the job you are when you talk to Ardashir. One weapon per quest turn-in, except Paladin receiving both Sword and Shield at once.
Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   Toughening Up
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png848
Guaranteed Rewards
Hauteclaire Awoken
Prytwen Awoken
Atlas Awoken
Elements Awoken
Almandal Awoken
Lunaris Rod Awoken
Seraph Cane Awoken
Ferdinand Awoken
Deathbringer Awoken
Yukimitsu Awoken
Berimbau Awoken
Brionac Awoken
Parashu Awoken
Rising Suns Awoken
Informationicon.png Description
Ardashir seems curious to see how the anima will develop.
※Changing classes or jobs will prevent progress during this quest.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Ardashir: Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)
Type: Side Story Quest
Unlocks: Coming into Its OwnSidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngSoul without Life
Required Items
Animated Hauteclaire Icon.png Animated Prytwen Icon.png Animated Atlas Icon.png Animated Elements Icon.png Animated Almandal Icon.png Animated Lunaris Rod Icon.png Animated Seraph Cane Icon.png Animated Ferdinand Icon.png Animated Deathbringer Icon.png Animated Yukimitsu Icon.png Animated Berimbau Icon.png Animated Brionac Icon.png Animated Parashu Icon.png Animated Rising Suns Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Toughening Up
Items Involved: Animated HauteclaireAnimated PrytwenAnimated AtlasAnimated ElementsAnimated AlmandalAnimated Lunaris RodAnimated Seraph CaneAnimated FerdinandAnimated DeathbringerAnimated YukimitsuAnimated BerimbauAnimated BrionacAnimated ParashuAnimated Rising Suns

Ardashir in Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)
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Ardashir in Southern Thanalan - Broken Water - Ring of Ash (x:25, y:12.5)
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Ardashir in South Shroud - Snakemolt (x:24, y:25.1)
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Ardashir in The Pillars - The Hoplon (x:10.8, y:8.3)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Ardashir in Azys Lla - Alpha Quadrant - Helix (x:7.5, y:11.6)
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  • The anima now residing in your weapon is as a newborn babe in mortal terms. In order to foster this fledgling spirit, Gerolt suggests that you treat it to some good old-fashioned combat. Knowing that you have been involved in more than a few titanic battles over the years, he recommends revisiting the sites of some of your most memorable encounters. Hearing this, Ardashir asks to accompany you to ensure the anima's development does not go undocumented. When you subsequently look back upon your past exploits, the frost-rimed halls of Snowcloak spring to mind. Perhaps Coerthas would be a good place to begin the anima's education.

    ※You may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • With anima weapon in hand, you fight your way through Snowcloak's frozen chambers, and emerge none the worse for wear. While contemplating your next destination, a glinting fish in the half-frozen water nearby catches your eye, and in that moment you decide where to continue the anima's education: the Sastasha Seagrot.

    ※The prerequisite quests for Sastasha (Hard) must be completed before continuing with this quest.
  • The drowned Reavers of the Seagrot are no match for you and your new weapon. Soaked to the skin from your aquatic adventure, you elect to continue the anima's education in a warmer and dryer location. And where could be warmer or dryer than the Sunken Temple of Qarn?

    ※The prerequisite quests for The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard) must be completed before continuing with this quest.
  • You fight off the wildlife now roaming the halls of Qarn, avoiding the perils of still-lingering traps and snares along the way. While such feats are all in a day's work for the Warrior of Light, the same cannot be said of Ardashir, who has done well to follow you to this point. Trouble him for his thoughts on the journey thus far.
  • Ardashir asks if you have noticed any changes in the anima since the start of your journey, but you have nothing of note to report. Undiscouraged, you resolve to revisit the Keeper of the Lake, and drive off any Garlean forces that may be salvaging the wreckage there.
  • Unable to stay your advance, the Garleans retreat, and the Keeper of the Lake sleeps soundly once more. For the anima's next lesson, you decide to revisit the Wanderer's Palace, to ensure that the Amalj'aa pose no further threat to the tonberries.

    ※The prerequisite quests for The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) must be completed before continuing with this quest.
  • With the aid of the anima weapon, you drive the Amalj'aa out of the Wanderer's Palace, leaving the tonberries in peace. When you subsequently pause to consider a suitable venue for your next lesson, you are reminded of a malevolent force which once took hold of Amdapor Keep. Never quite convinced that the darkness had been truly banished, you resolve to make for the Shroud.

    ※The prerequisite quests for Amdapor Keep (Hard) must be completed before continuing with this quest.
  • Once more, Amdapor Keep has been purged of foul spirits. As you pause to catch your breath, you notice that Ardashir seems oddly distracted. Ask him what is occupying his thoughts.
  • Despite the ever-present danger of death, it would seem that Ardashir has been struck by the beauty of Eorzea. Plainly, her wonders are easier to appreciate when you are not the one doing the fighting. With nothing to report on the anima's development, you turn to leave, but pause to look back when you sense a familiar presence nearby. Seeing no one, you dismiss the feeling as a trick of the imagination, and ponder where to go next. In the end, you settle on the Dusk Vigil, that once-proud fortress left to the wild beasts of Coerthas.

    ※The prerequisite quests for the Dusk Vigil must be completed before continuing with this quest.
  • Wielding the anima weapon with consummate skill, you leave the living denizens of the Dusk Vigil dead, and the dead ones in pieces. Soon after, with the enemies of Ishgard still fresh in your mind, your thoughts turn to dragons. Perhaps some remnant of the Horde lingers on the slopes of Sohm Al...
  • On the slopes of Sohm Al, you lay low the minions of Nidhogg in what you hope to be an educational fashion. The threat of dragons still looms, however, and so you journey to the Aery to strike once more against Ishgard's greatest foe.
  • Though your visit to the Aery severely taxed your strength, it is not yet time to rest. Nevertheless, you bid Ardashir make for the safety of Ishgard, for where you mean to go, he cannot follow. Rather than face the enemies without, you choose to face the enemies within─your memories, that is. Using the power of your mind, you will relive your battle in the Vault.
  • Though your reenactment of the battle in the Vault only loosely corresponded to the actual event, you are hopeful that the experience was of some benefit. When you subsequently reflect on the lengths to which you have gone to nurture the anima, you suddenly recall a strange occurrence in the Black Shroud which you suspect may be significant. Speak with Ardashir and tell him what you saw.
  • Ardashir's eyes grow wide with wonder upon hearing your account of the anima. He leaves immediately for Azys Lla, and asks that you rejoin him there as soon as you are able.
  • Upon arriving, you find Ardashir abuzz with excitement, much to Gerolt's evident irritation. You interrupt the pair's bickering with the revelation that the anima can speak. While Ardashir is dumbstruck by the implications of this discovery, Gerolt wants nothing more than to go home, and asks for your weapon that he might make some final adjustments. The blacksmith duly gives the thing an exceedingly thorough pounding, his arm granted new strength by his thirst for ale, but even he is unprepared for what follows. Without warning, the weapon begins to glow as if alive. Though you sense the fledgling anima still has some way to go, you look forward to seeing it grow.

Azys Lla[edit]

Alpha Quadrant[edit]


So, Forename, the task of unlocking the anima's potential begins in earnest. I only wish I could offer some words of wisdom on the subject. Alas, my original studies only went so far as the anima's creation. Now that we've given it a body in your weapon, I'm afraid we are entering unfamiliar territory. As of now, the anima is not unlike a newborn babe. A lack of proper sensory stimulation could well cause it to stagnate or even disappear despite the measures we have taken. As such, it is imperative that we help it to mature and grow accustomed to its new form.
Aye, an' there ain't no better place to test a weapon than on the front line. An' seein' as yer rarely off the front line, it shouldn't take ye long to whip that thing into shape.
Mayhap this is why my own trials always ended in failure... Without a proper body, the anima had no purpose─it could not be put to a task which would grant it the requisite stimulation. If you are all Mistress Rowena claims you to be, I have no doubt you will find a suitable challenge for our young charge.
If yer not sure where to go, just think back on some o' yer more bowel-loosenin' adventures. A stroll through a few o' them dark dank holes you lot like─say, ten or so─an' I bet me next round at the Druthers yer weapon'll've got into the swing o' things.
Ahem. If it is not too much trouble, I should very much like to accompany you on your travels. As I said before, this is uncharted territory in the growth of anima, and I would be a disgrace to my profession if I let any developments pass unrecorded. My thanks, Forename. For my part, I promise to stay out of harm's way, observing your progress from as safe a vantage point as possible.
That thing's like to need a few tweaks when ye come back, but you leave that to me. I'll work out any faults ye find in her, and pound her into a weapon worthy o' the House o' Splendors.
Ah, Forename! I take it you are ready to resume our research. Excellent!
Like before, ye'll need to fight yer way 'round ten o' them hellholes ye like to get yer weapon into the swing o' things.
And I shall accompany you to gather data on the anima's progress.
An' when ye come back, I'll hammer out any faults ye find in the weapon. You mark my words, Rowena will be beggin' to sell this one when I've finished with her!

Southern Thanalan[edit]

Broken Water[edit]

I am glad to see you are still whole. But tell me, have you noticed any changes in the anima? I see. It grows far more slowly than I had anticipated... No matter. Let us continue.

South Shroud[edit]


Well fought, Forename. You know, these lands really are quite beautiful, dangerous though they may be. Were it not for my logbook, I would swear I was on some manner of sightseeing tour. Of course, all that ghastly bloodletting does rather spoil the picture─but I digress.} How is the anima? Still no changes? That is most unfortunate. Yet we must take solace in the fact that it has not yet faded from the weapon. I am certain it will quicken, 'tis but a question of when. Let us press on to our next destination. Lead the way, Forename!


The Pillars[edit]

The Hoplon[edit]

Ah, there you are. I am glad to see you are unhurt. Pray forgive me. While waiting here, my eyes could not help but be drawn to the architecture. Breathtaking, is it not? Ahem. Back to the matter at hand. How fares the anima weapon? Surely by now it has shown some hint of life. The anima took on a corporeal form!? Then it has quickened! Gerolt must hear of this! I will return to Azys Lla and relay to him the good news.
The anima has taken on a corporeal form? Then it has finally quickened. Excellent. I will return to Azys Lla and relay the news to Gerolt. No doubt he will be glad to hear of another success. When you are rested, meet with us there.
Zin Zou Seirei

Azys Lla[edit]

Alpha Quadrant[edit]


Forename! You are returned! Excellent!
Thank the bloody gods. Maybe now ye can stop gibberin' like a bleedin' opo-opo an' tell me what happened out there. I'm guessin' things went well.
Have you not listened to a word I've said? Forename believes the anima has achieved cognitive self-awareness, manifesting itself as a corporeal form independent of the receptacle you created! Why is it that you invariably fail to comprehend my meaning whenever I expound upon matters of profoundest import? Forename here believes the anima has again achieved cognitive self-awareness, manifesting itself as a corporeal form independent of the receptacle you fashioned!
I've had it up to here with yer bleedin' cogs an' corpses! Speak plain, boy!
Having experienced battle together with Forename, the anima has melded with your weapon. More than that, the anima may have taken on a unique physical form! It spoke to you!? Remarkable! But what did it sound like? A-And what did it say!? So this anima spoke to you as well, did it? Fascinating! But tell me, what did it sound like? And what did it say?
I thought I heard a woman whispering.
I thought I heard a man whispering.
Amazing! The anima is already learning how to communicate! Oh, if only my master were here. I can hardly wait to see what else it is capable of!
Magnificent. The anima is making excellent progress. I look forward to seeing how this one will develop.
An' I look forward to goin' home. Anyroad, give us the weapon, will ye? I'll bet there's still room fer improvement somewhere or other. Now don't go playin' silly buggers, Forename. I'm holdin' up me end o' the deal with Rowena, one way or another. Ain't as if it'll take long, neither.
<pant> <pant> What did...I tell ye... Better than new. If that anima was sleepin' before, it sure as hells ain't sleepin' now! Heh heh! Never seen a weapon do that in all me years in the trade.
<pant> <pant> What did...I tell ye... Better than new. If that anima was sleepin' before, it sure as hells ain't sleepin' now! Heh heh! Never seen a sword an' shield do that in all me years in the trade.
What an exquisite glow! It's as if the anima could burst forth at any moment! Excellent work, Gerolt. I doubt any man could grow tired of gazing upon such exquisite work. If so young an anima was able to take form of its own volition, imagine what it might become given time! A force that shines bright enough to make the very stars burn with envy!
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After completing The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard), Amdapor Keep (Hard), or The Vault, you are automatically teleported to where Ardashir is standing. Simply talk to him to continue your next objective after a small cutscene.  
See Anima Weapons (Phase 1, Step 2) for detailed information on how to complete this quest. Edit Toughening Up's Notes

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