Eden (Raid)


The "end-game" raid of Shadowbringers, players use the satellite Eden as they try to restore life to The Empty in The First.

Eden is split up into various sections, which are further split up into various wings for players to enter, starting with Eden's Gate. Each section of Eden has Normal (Story) modes and Savage modes. (Savage modes are a much harder version which offers stronger rewards.) Each successive fight in Eden requires players to complete the previous wing and a quest, the quest chain starting with In the Middle of Nowhere.

Token Explanation[edit]

Normal Eden does not drop equippable gear. Instead, you will receive tokens that you must trade to an NPC located in Eulmore in order to actually receive your gear. The number of tokens needed per slot is the same throughout the different sections.

Gear Exchange[edit]

Token Exchange (via Yhal Yal)
Slot Gate Token Number Required
Head (Helm) Helm of Early Antiquity 2
Body (Armor) Armor of Early Antiquity 4
Hands (Gauntlets) Gauntlets of Early Antiquity 2
Waist (Belt) Belt of Early Antiquity 1
Legs (Chausses) Chausses of Early Antiquity 4
Feet (Greaves) Greaves of Early Antiquity 2
Accessories (Bangle) Bangle of Early Antiquity 1