New Game+

New Game+ is a system that makes it possible to relive adventures past with your current character data. The story is divided into various chapters, which can be viewed in the New Game+ menu located in the Duty menu. Unlocked via Memories Rekindled.
※Due to the nature of how NG+ works, players will not have access to a multitude of features while in NG+ mode. To use these features, suspend your progress and return to the standard game mode.

Chapter Listings

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame RealmReborn P1.png
Eorzea─a realm embraced by gods and forged by heroes. It is here that one adventurer's journey begins. Though power, fame, and fortune all beckon, this intrepid soul is destined for greater things still. Guided by the Mothercrystal, they will walk the path of a hero─of a Warrior of Light...

Chapter begins with On to Summerford and ends with Call of the Sea.
Unlocked on completion of The Ultimate Weapon.

Part 2
NewGame RealmReborn P2.png
In the midst of touring the three city-states and witnessing the myriad problems besetting the realm, the adventurer has a chance encounter with a member of the enigmatic Scions of the Seventh Dawn. An invitation to their base of operations, the Waking Sands, promises to shed light upon the mystery of the Echo and more.

Chapter begins with It's Probably Pirates and ends with Back from the Wood.
Unlocked on completion of The Ultimate Weapon.

Part 3
NewGame RealmReborn P3.png
The adventurer's victory over Ifrit, the Lord of the Inferno, prompts comparisons to be made to the fabled Warrior of Light. Yet even as the feat draws the admiration of the masses, so too does it draw the ire of the shadowy Ascians. To what end these masked individuals scheme remains to be seen, the search for answers beginning with the one named Lahabrea.

Chapter begins with Shadow of Darkness and ends with Lord of Crags.
Unlocked on completion of The Ultimate Weapon.

Part 4
NewGame RealmReborn P4.png
With the hard-won aid of the Company of Heroes, the adventurer succeeds in vanquishing Titan, the Lord of Crags. And though she arrives too late to aid in the battle, Y'shtola chances to discover that the Garlean Empire is in league with the Ascians, an unsettling revelation that serves to compound the intrigue.

Chapter begins with All Good Things and ends with The Ultimate Weapon.
Unlocked on completion of The Ultimate Weapon.

Part 5
NewGame RealmReborn P5.png
At the end of a large-scale operation marshalling the combined might of the three city-states, the Warrior of Light emerges triumphant in the Praetorium. The Empire's stranglehold over the realm thus broken, the leaders of Eorzea declare that the Seventh Astral Era has dawned. But the celebration would prove short-lived, for there can be no light without shadow.

Chapter begins with The Price of Principles and ends with Brave New Companions.
Unlocked on completion of Brave New Companions.

Part 6
NewGame RealmReborn P6.png
The Seventh Astral Era is meant to be a time of peace, and yet Eorzea remains rife with turmoil; from rampaging primals to unruly refugees, myriad are the problems demanding urgent answers. In response, Alphinaud forms the Crystal Braves, an ambitious company that will serve the realm as a whole rather than any one nation.

Chapter begins with Traitor in the Midst and ends with Before the Dawn.
Unlocked on completion of Before the Dawn.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Heavensward P1.png
Owing to the schemes in the shadows of Ul'dah, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn have been scattered, and the Warrior of Light has been forced to flee north. Though granted shelter by Lord Haurchefant, the heroes must press on to Ishgard. But what trials await in this reclusive nation, locked in a never-ending struggle with dragons?

Chapter begins with Coming to Ishgard and ends with Heart of Ice.
Unlocked on completion of Heavensward.

Part 2
NewGame Heavensward P2.png
Venturing deep into the domain of the dragons, the heroes come face to face with the great wyrm Hraesvelgr, from whom they learn the sordid truth of the Dragonsong War. Born of man's treachery was this bloody conflict, and by man's hand it must be ended. Thus does the Warrior of Light sally forth with Ishgard's greatest champion, the Azure Dragoon, on a mission to crush the serpent's head.

Chapter begins with The Wyrm's Lair and ends with Heavensward (Quest).
Unlocked on completion of Heavensward.

Part 3
NewGame Heavensward P3.png
Though it came at great cost, the heroes have triumphed over the archbishop on the floating continent of Azys Lla, therby breaking the cycle of conflict between man and dragon. Yet a millennium of war is not soon ended, and in the wake of the Warrior of Light's return, the nation of Ishgard was left trembling, the faith of her people shaken to the very core.

Chapter begins with An Uncertain Future and ends with Litany of Peace.
Unlocked on completion of Litany of Peace.

Part 4
NewGame Heavensward P4.png
After a thousand years of bloodshed and sorrow, the shade of Nidhogg, rage incarnate, fell at last to the Warrior of Light. So it was that the Dragonsong War drew to a close, and the survivors, bloodied by unbowed, could begin to pick up the pieces. A new day dawns in Ishgard, and her champions may rest easy—if only for a moment. For every ending marks a new beginning.

Chapter begins with Promises Kept and ends with The Far Edge of Fate.
Unlocked on completion of The Far Edge of Fate.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Stormblood P1.png
With the vaunted Warrior of Light marching beside them, the men and women of the Eorzean Alliance prepare to liberate Ala Mhigo, a land conquered by the Garlean Empire twenty years ago. Meanwhile, in the Far East, the freedom fighters of the fallen nation of Doma struggle to rekindle the fires of hope in their countrymen.

Chapter begins with Beyond the Great Wall and ends with All the Little Angels.
Unlocked on completion of Stormblood.

Part 2
NewGame Stormblood P2.png
Making their way across the Ruby Sea, the heroes set foot upon the shores of Yanxia, a region which has languished under imperial rule for twenty-five long years. In order to wrest these troubled lands from the spiteful grip of the acting imperial viceroy of Doma, Yotsuyu, they set out for the boundless plains of the Azim Steppe, in search of the kingdom's rightful ruler.

Chapter begins with Here There Be Xaela and ends with Stormblood (Quest).
Unlocked on completion of Stormblood.

Part 3
NewGame Stormblood P3.png
The liberation of Ala Mhigo signals the end of an era of tyranny. Here, on the cusp of a new age of freedom, her people must decide how they will greet their future...and reconcile with their past. What path lies ahead for Lyse and her efforts to rebuild the nation? What choices plague Fordola from within her prison cell? And to where will Raubahn return, now that the dream for his homeland has at last become a reality?

Chapter begins with Arenvald's Adventure and ends with Emissary of the Dawn.
Unlocked on completion of Emissary of the Dawn.

Part 4
NewGame Stormblood P4.png
The shadow of mystery deepens as the man who wears Zenos’s face continues to move unchecked, sowing the seeds of strife from the heart of the Empire. All indications point to Ascian machination, and the arrival of a messenger at the Rising Stones sets the Scions of the Seventh Dawn upon a path rife with peril, towards an unknowable destination.

Chapter begins with Sisterly Act and ends with A Requiem for Heroes.
Unlocked on completion of A Requiem for Heroes.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Shadowbringers P1.png
Ala Mhigo is at last free from imperial rule, but that liberty may prove fleeting as the Empire moves to both reclaim this bloodied nation and subjugate all of Eorzea. In their hour of need, however, they cannot turn to the Warrior of Light. Nor to the Scions, who yet slumber, their souls adrift. The realm is left to struggle without its saviors, for they have been beckoned beyond time and space─beckoned to the First.

Chapter begins with The Syrcus Trench and ends with Out of the Wood.
Unlocked on completion of Shadowbringers.

Part 2
NewGame Shadowbringers P2.png
Though the Warriors of Darkness have succeeded in restoring the night to the Rak'tika Greatwood, much of Norvrandt yet remains shrouded in primordial Light, its denizens at the mercy of the abominations known as sin eaters. Burdened by the unsettling truths revealed to them by the Ascian Emet-Selch, the heroes forge on along their chosen path─the path of villainy.

Chapter begins with When It Rains and ends with Shadowbringers.
Unlocked on completion of Shadowbringers.

Part Description
The Binding Coil of Bahamut
NewGame Raids P1.png
Ripped from the heavens by the nefarious designs of Nael van Darnus, the false moon Dalamud hurtled into Vylbrand, its shattering impact forming a network of labyrinthine caverns beneath the surface. Braving dangers untold, the Warrior of Light plumbs the subterranean depths, that the truth behind the Seventh Umbral Calamity may be unearthed.

Chapter begins with Primal Awakening and ends with Alisaie's Path.
Unlocked on completion of Alisaie's Path.

NewGame Raids P2.png
This clockwork colossus emerged from the rushing waters of the Thaliak, looming a grave threat over the snow-swept hinterlands of Dravania. Summoned to stave off the threat of the sleeping primal before it stirs, the Warrior of Light steps within, and the curtain rises on a battle that will transcend space and time...

Chapter begins with Disarmed and ends with Of Endings and Beginnings.
Unlocked on completion of Of Endings and Beginnings.

NewGame Raids P3.png
Roused from age-old slumber to stave off a new primal threat looming over Eorzea, the ancient weapon known as Omega vanished into the far reaches of Gyr Abania after a mighty struggle against the draconic Shinryu. There did the Warrior of Light travel, not knowing that a dimension-spanning battle that would defy the imagination awaited...

Chapter begins with The Hunt for Omega and ends with To Kweh Under Distant Skies.
Unlocked on completion of To Kweh Under Distant Skies.

Part Description
The Crystal Tower
NewGame Alliance Raids P1.png
A sky-scraping spire that shines with the light of a thousand stars─long thought to be but a legend, the Crystal Tower arose from the crags of Mor Dhona in the wake of the Calamity, striking awe and fear into the hearts of all who bore it witness. What lost secrets of ancient Allag await those brave souls who would probe its innermost sanctums?

Chapter begins with Legacy of Allag and ends with The Light of Hope.
Unlocked on completion of The Light of Hope.

The Shadow of Mhach
NewGame Alliance Raids P2.png
In an age of unprecedented air travel, sky pirates soar through the heavens on their airships in search of new frontiers and undiscovered treasures. When tales of a ghost ship haunting the clouds spread, the Warrior of Light answers the call and boards the baleful vessel forged by ancient and forbidden magicks.

Chapter begins with Sky Pirates and ends with A Redbill Farewell.
Unlocked on completion of A Redbill Farewell.

Return to Ivalice
NewGame Alliance Raids P3.png
Fresh off their widely acclaimed performance of The Zodiac Brave Story in Garlemald, the airborne theater troupe Prima Vista sets anchor in Kugane with a new story to be told. What brings them to these far lands? Sit back and let them regale you with a tale of the fabled kingdom of Ivalice, and perhaps you will understand...

Chapter begins with Dramatis Personae and ends with In Bad Taste.
Unlocked on completion of In Bad Taste.

Part Description
The Waring Triad
NewGame Trials P1.png
Sealed deep within a research facility on Azys Lla are three eikons, beings of fearsome power that have slumbered there since the fall of the Allag. When one eikon─Sephirot, the Fiend─threatens to stir, the Warrior of Light sets off at the behest of the enigmatic Unukalhai to face it in an epic struggle...

Chapter begins with Gods of Eld and ends with The Last Pillar to Fall.
Unlocked on completion of The Last Pillar to Fall.

The Four Lords
NewGame Trials P2.png
Hingan faerie tales sing of Tenzen, a legendary samurai who set forth to drive a host of demonic oni from the land. Accompanying him on his journey were the Four Lords, guardians of the Ruby Sea. Yet could it be that his adventure was more than mere myth? In a far corner of the vast ocean, a new legend will be born...

Chapter begins with An Auspicious Encounter and ends with The Fifth Lord.
Unlocked on completion of The Fifth Lord.

Part Description
Hildibrand, Agent of Inquiry
NewGame Hildibrand P1.png
Feared lost forever when the Calamity struck, a true Eorzean hero and legend has returned to the realm! Join Hildibrand Manderville, agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire, and his talented and charming assistant Nashu Mhakaracca as they scour all creation to solve the most perplexing cases to plague the people of Eorzea.

Chapter begins with The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen and ends with Her Last Vow.
Unlocked on completion of Her Last Vow.

Further Hildibrand Adventures
NewGame Hildibrand P2.png
Nashu Mhakaracca arrives in Ishgard in search of her mentor, Hildibrand, agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire, who went flying through the skies after solving his greatest case to date. Has Eorzea's foremost gentleman and scholar once again survived against all odds, that he might lend his ever-insightful eye to the residents of the Holy See? The game is once again afoot!

Chapter begins with A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies and ends with If I Could Turn Back Time.
Unlocked on completion of If I Could Turn Back Time.

Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
NewGame Hildibrand P3.png
When Hildibrand, as is his wont, is sent sailing through the skies across the Ruby Sea, Nashu Mhakaracca sets her sights eastward. No sooner does she arrive in the port city of Kugane than she hears rumors of a dastardly thief known as the Wolf Burglar. And so the stage is set for a new chapter of intrigue and adventure...

Chapter begins with A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East and ends with Don't Do the Dewprism.
Unlocked on completion of Don't Do the Dewprism.

Part Description
Tales of the Dragonsong War
NewGame Dragonsong P1.png
The paths we walk, the oaths we swear, the legacies we leave... Sharing triumphs and bearing burdens, the Warrior of Light embarks on a journey of reminiscence and recollection in a land that now heals from a long and bitter war.

Chapter begins with The Paths We Walk and ends with The Burdens We Bear.
Unlocked on completion of The Burdens We Bear.

Part Description
Saint Endalim's Scholasticate
NewGame Scholasticate P1.png
The dreadful truth behind the Dragonsong War laid bare by the Warrior of Light, the Ishgardian populace was cast into confusion and despair─the entire basis of their history and faith shaken to the core. In these uncertain times, even the young students at this storied academy cannot avoid being embroiled in a web of uncertainty and intrigue...

Chapter begins with Keeping the Ledger and ends with The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois.
Unlocked on completion of The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois.

Part Description
NewGame Tank Role P1.png
Granson, a bounty hunter by trade, has resolved to hunt Dikaiosyne, one of the so-called Cardinal Virtues─exceptionally powerful sin eaters born from the fallen Warriors of Light. He is convinced this monster, once known in another life as the knight Branden, is the villain responsible for destroying all he held dear, but he will soon find there is more to the tale of this former hero than meets the eye.

Chapter begins with The Man with Too Many Scars and ends with To Have Loved and Lost.
Unlocked on completion of To Have Loved and Lost.

Part Description
NewGame Gladiator P1.png
In Ul'dah, no form of entertainment is held in higher regard than the gladiatorial arts on display at the Coliseum, many of whose champions cut their teeth at the Gladiators' Guild. Drawn to the blade and shield, you take up training under Guildmaster Mylla, but soon you discover there is more to the Coliseum than meets the eye.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Gladiator and ends with The Rematch.
Unlocked on completion of The Rematch.

Part 1
NewGame Paladin P1.png
For the first time in their history, the Sultansworn elite of Ul'dah have elected to share the secret skills and training of paladins with the public. In proving your worth to undertake their training, you encounter a rogue paladin who has besmirched the honor of this once-proud brotherhood. Jenlyns, captain of the Sultansworn, asks that you marshal your resources, and hone your skills that you might one day help bring this traitor to justice.

Chapter begins with Paladin's Pledge and ends with Keeping the Oath.
Unlocked on completion of Keeping the Oath.

Part 2
NewGame Paladin P2.png
With Oathkeeper still missing and the whereabouts of Solkzagyl unknown, you have been asked to take up the search for both the sword and former captain of the Sultansworn. On your quest you come into contact with Solkzagyl's apprentice, Constaint, and together you embark on a journey that leads you to the farthest reaches of Dravania. What you find there is the ultimate test of your prowess as a paladin.

Chapter begins with An Exemplary Example and ends with This Little Sword of Mine.
Unlocked on completion of This Little Sword of Mine.

Part 3
NewGame Paladin P3.png
You have proven yourself to be a paladin of the highest order, and it is for that reason you have been invited to participate in the prestigious Ul Cup, a competition reserved for the realm's finest swordsmen. Though it has not been held for generations, the tournament has been revived at the sultana's behest. With sword and shield in hand, you make ready to match blades with fighters from all corners of Eorzea.

Chapter begins with Tournament of the Century and ends with Raising the Sword.
Unlocked on completion of Raising the Sword.

Part 4
NewGame Paladin P4.png
Returned from the First, you journey to Ul'dah where you meet an old acquaintance─Jenlyns. He tells you that the Sultansworn have not been resting on their laurels in your absence, working with the Gladiators' Guild to better serve their nation. Despite all they have achieved, however, First Sword Mylla has adopted an uncustomary melancholy. Inquiring as to the source of her distress yields a most unexpected answer.

Chapter begins with Worth Fighting For and ends with Worth Fighting For.
Unlocked on completion of Worth Fighting For.

Part Description
NewGame Marauder P1.png
Since olden days, the axe has been inextricably bound to the seafaring culture of Limsa Lominsa, a fact that is attested by the existence of the storied Marauders' Guild. Under Guildmaster Wyrnzoen's guidance, you embark on the marauder's path, and your duties soon lead you on a mission to save a young boy and avenge his family.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Marauder and ends with Bringing Down the Mountain.
Unlocked on completion of Bringing Down the Mountain.

Part 1
NewGame Warrior P1.png
The way of the warrior, long thought lost to the sands of time, lives on in a village on the northernmost edge of Abalathia's Spine. The tribesmen's numbers dwindle, however, and Curious Gorge has journeyed down from the mountains seeking one capable of harnessing their inner beast and carrying on his people's fighting traditions. After seeing you battle at his side in Costa del Sol, he believes his search may at last be at an end.

Chapter begins with Pride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain) and ends with How to Quit You.
Unlocked on completion of How to Quit You.

Part 2
NewGame Warrior P2.png
As he labors to expand his combat repertoire, Curious Gorge finds himself unable to control the fury of his inner beast. The once-proud warrior is now too afraid to challenge the rage within himself. His brother, Broken Mountain, bids you follow in the footsteps of their forebears that you might set an example for Curious Gorge and all future warriors, showing them the potential one may find in channeling the unbridled wrath within themselves.

Chapter begins with Better Axe Around and ends with And My Axe.
Unlocked on completion of And My Axe.

Part 3
NewGame Warrior P3.png
Curious Gorge and Broken Mountain have done much to improve the reputation of warriors in the realm, sharing their battle techniques with Maelstrom troops. Indeed, their renown has even earned them admirers who invited them to an exhibition at the Wolves' Den. And it was there that Curious Gorge would meet his match in a most unexpected opponent.

Chapter begins with Curious Gorge Meets His Match and ends with The Heart of the Problem.
Unlocked on completion of The Heart of the Problem.

Part 4
NewGame Warrior P4.png
The travails of the First behind you, you return to Hidden Falls and are greeted by none other than Curious Gorge. Despite his intensive training, he believes his progress lacking when compared to yours. The source of his hindered growth? Love. Or rather, the fact that he cannot put it out of his mind. He resolves to travel to the Far East to meet the object of his obsession...and thus is not present when she arrives from the Azim Steppe.

Chapter begins with Once, Twice, Three Times a Warrior and ends with Once, Twice, Three Times a Warrior.
Unlocked on completion of Once, Twice, Three Times a Warrior.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Dark Knight P1.png
The freedom to follow your heart─to defend the weak and punish the guilty as you see fit. That is the way of the dark knight, brave souls who carry out justice on their own terms, without fear of reprisal. Fray was one such knight, a dauntless man whose prowess sadly did not avail him that fateful day in trial by combat. That is what the onlookers said. Yet there he stood before you, hale and hearty, eager to instruct you in the dark arts.

Chapter begins with A Dark Spectacle and ends with Our Answer.
Unlocked on completion of Our Answer.

Part 2
NewGame Dark Knight P2.png
You are betrayed by a band of Temple Knights, and though their treachery proves of little consequence, you chance to meet a fellow dark knight, Sidurgu, in the midst of the altercation. He is in the company of a young girl who he claims the Temple Knights seek to cut down. For what reason would they bring a seemingly innocent child to harm? The answer lies in the dark, tumultuous history of the Dragonsong War.

Chapter begins with The Wages of Mercy and ends with Absolution.
Unlocked on completion of Absolution.

Part 3
NewGame Dark Knight P3.png
In the wake of the Dragonsong War, Ishgard enjoys a new era of peace and prosperity─an era that you were instrumental in bringing about through deeds great and small. Yet the brighter the light, the deeper the shadow. For reasons yet unexplained, you find your soul crystal split in twain. One half yet remains in your possession, the other in the hands of a young boy named Myste.

Chapter begins with In Memories We Walked and ends with Our Compromise.
Unlocked on completion of Our Compromise.

Part 4
NewGame Dark Knight P4.png
You are returned to the Source, resolve yet unbroken by your trials in the First. On a visit to Ishgard and the Forgotten Knight you meet Sidurgu and Rielle. After regaling them with tales of your adventures, Sidurgu informs you that he has come into possession of an anonymous letter addressed to you. Whence did this missive come, and where will it lead you?

Chapter begins with Our Closure and ends with Our Closure.
Unlocked on completion of Our Closure.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Gunbreaker P1.png
Tracing their origins to the elite guard of Queen Gunnhildr, gunbreakers have passed down their combat arts for generations. Sadly, Radovan and his clan are the last of that once-illustrious line of fighters, and in the hopes of keeping their traditions alive, he would entrust the knowledge of his people to you. Together with his companion Sophie, you assist them in their endeavor to become bodyguards, a profession that may well press you beyond your limits as you aspire to become a gunbreaker.

Chapter begins with The Makings of a Gunbreaker and ends with Steel against Steel.
Unlocked on completion of Steel against Steel.

Part 2
NewGame Gunbreaker P2.png
Your adventures in the First now at an end, you venture to Revenant's Toll where you happen to meet Radovan and Sophie. They are keen to hear of your travels, but mention of Thancred and his skills with a gunblade give Radovan pause. There is but one alive who could have trained him in the ways of the gunbreaker, and Radovan would find that one.

Chapter begins with Gunblades of the Patriots and ends with Gunblades of the Patriots.
Unlocked on completion of Gunblades of the Patriots.

Part Description
NewGame Healer Role P1.png
Dwarves are a people of honor and tradition, so imagine their horror at the sight of Sophrosyne, the Cardinal Virtue which bears a striking resemblance to the long-deceased dwarf Lamitt. The Council of Elders can no longer abide the shame its existence brings to their people, and so they have ordered it be slain.

Chapter begins with Traditions and Travails and ends with The Soul of Temperance.
Unlocked on completion of The Soul of Temperance.

Part Description
NewGame Conjurer P1.png
Conjury is an arcane art which evolved from man's communion with the elementals, and preserving its ways and imparting its secrets is the domain of the Conjurers' Guild. During your training under Brother E–Sumi–Yan, you encounter a strong-willed young conjurer-in-training, with whom you will learn what it truly means to be one with nature.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Conjurer and ends with In Nature's Embrace.
Unlocked on completion of In Nature's Embrace.

Part 1
Tradition dictates that Padjali alone may perform the rites of white magick, a practice that has long maintained balance within the Twelveswood. Yet fate would conspire to bequeath unto you a soul crystal, the legacy of the renowned white mage A–Towa–Cant. And so, under the guidance of Raya–O–Senna, you begin your journey down the path of the white mage.

Chapter begins with Seer Folly and ends with Heart of the Forest.
Unlocked on completion of Heart of the Forest.

Part 2
A terrible change has come over the great elemental of the Twelveswood. It has warned repeatedly that taint will soon flood the lands unless it is purged at its source. A calamity not easily averted, for the laws of the wood dictate that Padjals must not leave its boundaries. Thus bound to the forest, they prevail upon you to undertake a journey of purification, a pilgrimage that may very well cover the length and breadth of the land.

Chapter begins with Taint Misbehaving and ends with Hands of Healing.
Unlocked on completion of Hands of Healing.

Part 3
A strange disturbance on the border between Gridania and Gyr Abania is agitating the elementals, and Raya–O–Senna has asked for your assistance in discovering the cause. Together with E–Sumi–Yan you travel to East End, and for reasons you cannot explain, your investigation leads you to a peculiar girl and her mother. What secrets of the wood might this chance encounter bring to light?

Chapter begins with Unease in East End and ends with What She Always Wanted.
Unlocked on completion of What She Always Wanted.

Part 4
You return to the calm and quiet of Gridania, seeking respite from your adventures in the First, and there you meet Raya–O–Senna, who speaks with you of Alaqa and her efforts to atone for past misdeeds. The Padjal asks you to look in on Alaqa in Stillglade Fane, and it is there you discover just how much she has grown, and the strength of her bonds with her fellow mages.

Chapter begins with Whence the Healing Springs and ends with Whence the Healing Springs.
Unlocked on completion of Whence the Healing Springs.

Part Description
Part 1
Alka Zolka has worked tirelessly researching the military tactics of Nym, an ancient civilization that once flourished during the Fifth Astral Era. With your help, he is able to retrieve an assortment of relics that would offer him the knowledge he seeks. Unto you they would offer the strategic arts of the scholar, as well as an unexpected new companion.

Chapter begins with Forgotten but Not Gone and ends with The Beast Within.
Unlocked on completion of The Beast Within.

Part 2
Fifteen hundred years past, powerful magicks were used to seal a great many Nymians inside the Wanderer's Palace, along with a terrible plague that would transform them into what are now known as tonberries. That selfsame sickness has returned, and Surito Carito would turn to you and Alka Zolka for aid in halting its spread.

Chapter begins with The Green Death and ends with Forward, the Royal Marines.
Unlocked on completion of Forward, the Royal Marines.

Part 3
Surito Carito's research has at last borne fruit, and he believes he has found a means to slow the spread of the Nymian plague. Yet all is not well, for one of his research assistants, Setoto, has vanished without a trace. The Nymian scholar once again turns to you and Alka Zolka for assistance, that his people may at last be spared the worst of their magical affliction.

Chapter begins with The Vanishing Act and ends with Our Unsung Heroes.
Unlocked on completion of Our Unsung Heroes.

Part 4
Freshly returned from the First, you find yourself longing for the salty air and clear blue skies of Limsa Lominsa. Your visit there inevitably takes you to the Marauders' Guild and Alka Zolka, who invites you join him in training in Upper La Noscea with Surito Carito. When the Nymian scholar hears of your exploits in the First, and of how Lamitt was able to treat stoneblight, they are duly inspired. The day's training is soon set aside to test a theory that may lead to a cure for the Nymian plague.

Chapter begins with True Beauty and ends with True Beauty.
Unlocked on completion of True Beauty.

Part Description
Part 1
Astrology, or the reading of the stars, is a branch of aetherological science which originated in distant Sharlayan. By tapping into their celestial aether, newfound healing techniques were discovered, and thus was born a new school of magick. With the help of a fiery young astrologian, one Leveva, you embark on a journey to master that selfsame magick, and harness the power of the stars.

Chapter begins with What's Your Sign and ends with Spearheading Initiatives.
Unlocked on completion of Spearheading Initiatives.

Part 2
The road to recognition for the Sharlayan school of astrology in Ishgard remains long and fraught with peril. Nevertheless, Leveva and Jannequinard are not so easily deterred. And with your assistance, they are quite confident the people of the Holy See can be made to appreciate the merit of their magick.

Chapter begins with Sharlayan Ascending and ends with The Hands of Fate.
Unlocked on completion of The Hands of Fate.

Part 3
When visiting your old mentor, Leveva, the Observatorium receives a most unexpected visitor in Kyokuho, a geomancer come from the Far East. Keen to study the magicks born of Sharlayan astrology, he believes an exchange of knowledge may ultimately serve to further develop the arts of both astromancy and geomancy.

Chapter begins with East Meets West and ends with Foxfire.
Unlocked on completion of Foxfire.

Part 4
Night has been returned to the First, her people at last safe from the Light and its minions. Back in the Source, you pay a visit to the Holy See and speak with Jannequinard, who tells you that Leveva is not in the highest of spirits. You later run into Kyokuho, returned to Eorzea from the Far East, and he believes he understands what ails Leveva, and quickly devises a plan to alleviate her troubles.

Chapter begins with Love, Astrologically and ends with Love, Astrologically.
Unlocked on completion of Love, Astrologically.

Part Description
Physical DPS
NewGame PDPS Role P1.png
Lue-Reeq is in search of a partner to help him slay an especially notorious mark─one of the four Cardinal Virtues, those most infamous instigators of the Flood. Though he cares not a whit for who the Warriors of Light were, the fallen adventurer-turned-Virtue Renda-Rae was arguably the greatest hunter who ever lived, and the youth would like nothing more than to beat her at her own game.

Chapter begins with No Greater Sport and ends with Courage Born of Fear.
Unlocked on completion of Courage Born of Fear.

Magical DPS
NewGame MDPS Role P1.png
The bounty hunter Cerigg reveals to you his plan to hunt down a sin eater by the name of Phronesis─one of the four so-called “Cardinal Virtues” born from the remains of the fallen Warriors of Light, and seeks a companion with whom to share the bounty. The matter becomes complicated, however, when you encounter a young boy with an as-yet-unknown connection to your quarry.

Chapter begins with Hollow Pursuits and ends with A Tearful Reunion.
Unlocked on completion of A Tearful Reunion.

Part Description
NewGame Pugilist P1.png
Pugilism can be traced back to bare-handed battles in the Coliseum, and a legendary brawler whose unrivaled strength and skill inspired the founding of the Pugilists' Guild. It is there that you begin your training under Hamon Holyfist, a legend in his own right, but a shocking revelation threatens to shake the guild to its very foundation.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Pugilist and ends with Return of the Holyfist.
Unlocked on completion of Return of the Holyfist.

Part 1
Famed Eorzean military historian, Professor Erik, insists on investigating ancient battlefields plagued by savage beasts, and the Pugilists' Guild would ask you to serve as his bodyguard. After arriving at the excavation site, you and the professor chance to meet Widargelt, who senses the energies of the land have opened one of your chakra. It is for that reason he gifts you with a soul crystal, and bids you train to control the life force within yourself. To master the art of the monk.

Chapter begins with Brother from Another Mother and ends with Five Easy Pieces.
Unlocked on completion of Five Easy Pieces.

Part 2
Having seen the error of his ways, Widargelt has turned over a new leaf, and now focuses his energies on rebuilding his order, the Fist of Rhalgr. Indeed, he has even taken on pupils, teaching them with great zeal and charisma. But the monk's skills will soon be put to the test when an opposing sect rises up to thwart his ambitions.

Chapter begins with The Legend Continues and ends with Appetite for Destruction.
Unlocked on completion of Appetite for Destruction.

Part 3
You have proven to be a shining example of what a monk should aspire to be. Guided by your light, Widargelt intends to return to Gyr Abania and there revive the Fist of Rhalgr. But the past of Ala Mhigo continues to haunt the present, as the alleged descendant of King Theodoric labors to claim dominion over the still-vulnerable city-state.

Chapter begins with A Fistful of Resolve and ends with The Power to Protect.
Unlocked on completion of The Power to Protect.

Part 4
The Eighth Umbral Calamity has been averted in the First, and so you return to the Source, seeking a moment of respite in Ul'dah. But there is never rest for the righteous, for who should you meet but a troubled Professor Erik. He was recently visited by a soldier of the Resistance asking after Widargelt's whereabouts. Fearing the worst, you are tasked with finding the wayward monk.

Chapter begins with A Monk's Legacy and ends with A Monk's Legacy.
Unlocked on completion of A Monk's Legacy.

Part Description
NewGame Lancer P1.png
Though spears and lances have existed long before Gridania's founding, the art of their use evolved rapidly with the establishment of the Lancers' Guild. Within its halls, and under the instruction of Guildmaster Ywain, you endeavor to master the weapon, and by contending with a rogue lancer do you learn the true meaning of courage.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Lancer and ends with Proof of Might.
Unlocked on completion of Proof of Might.

Part 1
As Ishgard's war with dragonkind rages, one individual is chosen each generation to become the Azure Dragoon, leading the Holy See's charge against the Horde. Yet for reasons unexplained, the Eye chooses to rouse for a second individual─you.

Chapter begins with Eye of the Dragon and ends with Into the Dragon's Maw.
Unlocked on completion of Into the Dragon's Maw.

Part 2
Ser Alberic requests your aid in deterring a host of dragons within Ishgardian territory, and it is not long before your enemies are put to rout. Shortly thereafter, Ser Alberic arrives in the company of another dragoon, who introduces herself as Heustienne. Formerly one of your instructors in the trials of the Azure, your skills with a spear have impressed her, so much so that she would now become your student.

Chapter begins with Sky's the Limit and ends with Dragoon's Fate.
Unlocked on completion of Dragoon's Fate.

Part 3
Though Nidhogg is slain, the Horde's ranks now in disarray, the scars of his wrath yet remain. You are speaking with Ser Alberic on this very matter when a letter is delivered to him─Heustienne, who once struggled with the dragon's blood coursing through her veins, has asked for your help. You answer her summons, and find the help she requires is not for herself, but her dragon companion, one Orn Khai.

Chapter begins with Friends through Eternity and ends with Dragon Sound.
Unlocked on completion of Dragon Sound.

Part 4
The First has at last been pulled back from the brink, and you return home content in the knowledge that her people are safe. Your steps back in the Source eventually lead you to the Observatorium in Coerthas, where you regale Ser Alberic and Orn Khai with tales of the First. Your recount of Andreia's demise brings to mind the tale of Nidhogg, as he too was driven only by memories of a time long since passed. Was there perhaps more to the tale of the dread wyrm? Orn Khai would ask your help in finding out.

Chapter begins with Gone but Not Forgiven and ends with Gone but Not Forgiven.
Unlocked on completion of Gone but Not Forgiven.

Part Description
NewGame Rogue P1.png
The Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss. A seemingly innocent convent that, in truth, is the base of operations for the Rogues' Guild, the collective of men and women who work from the shadows to preserve peace in Limsa Lominsa. Here you learn the tricks of the trade under the watchful eye of Guildmaster Jacke, and discover the dark underbelly of La Noscea.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Rogue and ends with Cloying Victory.
Unlocked on completion of Cloying Victory.

Part 1
Impressed with your work for the Rogues' Guild, Jacke tasks you with looking into a group of suspicious individuals he believes are likely to stir up trouble in Wineport. What should have been a routine investigation becomes a quest to bring a Far Eastern criminal to justice. In order to do so, you must learn to walk the path of the shinobi.

Chapter begins with Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night and ends with Master and Student.
Unlocked on completion of Master and Student.

Part 2
Oboro has chosen to remain in Eorzea to continue his study of Eorzean culture, a noble endeavor that must sadly be postponed when Jacke arrives at his door with ill tidings. A bandit in Far Eastern garb has been stirring up trouble in La Noscea, and if accounts of their dastardly deeds are to be believed, the culprit is proficient in the art of ninjutsu.

Chapter begins with Strangers in a Strange Land and ends with In Her Defense.
Unlocked on completion of In Her Defense.

Part 3
Oboro yet remains in Eorzea, sullen at the news his people are in no particular hurry to welcome him home. But that is just as well, for Jacke arrives once again seeking his aid. A crew of self-styled Doman sailors have stolen off with a seemingly inconspicuous scroll. Your investigation would lead to the discovery of a most terrible secret.

Chapter begins with Search for the Stolen Scroll and ends with When Clans Collide.
Unlocked on completion of When Clans Collide.

Part 4
Your travels in the First are at an end, but adventure is always looming just around the corner. Oboro has devised a plan to retrieve the missing half of the forbidden mudra scroll presently in the possession of his friend and nemesis, Karasu. A plan that cannot come to fruition without your timely assistance.

Chapter begins with Oboro's Big Idea and ends with Oboro's Big Idea.
Unlocked on completion of Oboro's Big Idea.

Part Description
Part 1
Word has it an elderly Far Eastern gentleman is seeking challengers at the Coliseum, dropping both opponents and viewers' jaws with his sublime skills. Never one to turn down the opportunity to test your skills, you cross blades with the swordsman, and much to your surprise emerge the victor. Impressed by your potential, the elderly gentleman offers a reward for your efforts─training in the way of the samurai.

Chapter begins with The Way of the Samurai and ends with The Face of True Evil.
Unlocked on completion of The Face of True Evil.

Part 2
Though Musosai has passed on to the hereafter, his legacy lives on in you, and it is to you a member of the Sekiseigumi, the peacekeeping force of Kugane, turns to for help. A former pupil of Musosai, a rogue swordsman named Ugetsu, seeks to create chaos in Hingashi, and with each passing day more and more sympathizers rally to his cause. He must be stopped, and the Sekiseigumi would add your blade to their arsenal.

Chapter begins with A Dignified Visitor and ends with The Battle on Bekko.
Unlocked on completion of The Battle on Bekko.

Part 3
With matters in the First resolved at last, you return to the Source, but it is not long before you are confronted with more unfinished business. Makoto will soon journey to Eorzea that she might visit Master Musosai's grave, and tell him of your victory over Ugetsu. She asks for the honor of your company to pay her final respects.

Chapter begins with The Legend of Musosai and ends with The Legend of Musosai.
Unlocked on completion of The Legend of Musosai.

Part Description
NewGame Archer P1.png
A fusion of styles from Elezen and Miqo'te archery gave rise to the bowmanship boasted by the Archers' Guild of Gridania, and it is there you train to sharpen your eye under the guidance of Luciane, master of the guild. Though but a fledgling archer, your skills with a bow are soon put to the test when outlaws threaten the sanctity of the Twelveswood.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be an Archer and ends with The One That Got Away.
Unlocked on completion of The One That Got Away.

Part 1
Jehantel the Godsbow. A legendary archer of the Gods' Quiver who was also a skilled bard, renowned for inspiring others through song. Anyone and everyone who has mastered a bow is eager to seek his tutelage, but he is committed only to teach poetry and verse. Nevertheless, you agree to undertake his lessons, and soon find there is much more to be learned than meter and rhythm.

Chapter begins with A Song of Bards and Bowmen and ends with Requiem for the Fallen.
Unlocked on completion of Requiem for the Fallen.

Part 2
Jehantel has committed to training members of the Gods' Quiver, confident his work in Gridania has served to strengthen the power of his songs. Though not all are convinced of the efficacy of bards in the field, a skilled lancer and captain of the Order of the Twin Adder, Sanson, is determined to prove to naysayers the strength to be found in ballads.

Chapter begins with On the Road Again and ends with The Ballad of Oblivion.
Unlocked on completion of The Ballad of Oblivion.

Part 3
Jehantel is only too happy to inform you that Sanson has succeeded in gaining official approval for his bard unit. With members assembled, the young serpent captain asks you to accompany them on their first assignment, which proves to be of grave import─to retrieve a tome allegedly containing damning secrets from the Autumn War.

Chapter begins with Three's a Company and ends with Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace.
Unlocked on completion of Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace.

Part 4
At last you say good-bye to the First, a journey that will no doubt be immortalized in song. Your former teacher Jehantel and Captain Sanson had heard rumors of your travails and are elated to see you returned in one piece. While you were away, Sanson and his unit did battle at Ghimlyt Dark, but his bards struggled to perform under pressure. Jehantel believes a performance from one of your experience and renown may be the key to rekindling their spirits.

Chapter begins with A Harmony from the Heavens and ends with A Harmony from the Heavens.
Unlocked on completion of A Harmony from the Heavens.

Part Description
Part 1
Since its inception, the Skysteel Manufactory has developed all manner of weaponry designed for slaying dragon invaders. But many of its engineers believe the future lies in machinistry─a technology that weds Master Garlond's magitek with traditional aetherology. A pity that overly conservative views in Ishgard threaten to slow the march of progress.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Machinist and ends with The Power of a Tourney.
Unlocked on completion of The Power of a Tourney.

Part 2
The Skysteel Manufactory's participation─and subsequent victory─in a tourney against the knights of House Dzemael and House Durendaire has done much to garner respect for the field of machinistry. But an ill twist of fate threatens to undermine the manufactory when Joye, one of their most talented machinists, is forced to resign from her duties.

Chapter begins with A Joye-less Celebration and ends with Rise of the Machinists.
Unlocked on completion of Rise of the Machinists.

Part 3
The Skysteel Manufactory's list of accomplishments continues to grow, now boasting a victory over Veri Selen and its host of minions. Indeed, the age of machinistry has arrived in Ishgard. In fact, Hilda has but recently requested that the city watch be equipped and trained in machinist firearms. With the workshop presently buried in commissions, however, Stephanivien would ask you to serve as their instructor.

Chapter begins with The Machinists' Choice and ends with The Mongrel and the Knight.
Unlocked on completion of The Mongrel and the Knight.

Part 4
Having seen to the return of night in the First, her people at last safe from Vauthry and his minions, you return to the Source for a brief respite. It is indeed brief, for no sooner do you step foot in Ishgard than Stephanivien comes to you with a favor. Joye has been slipping away on mysterious outings and he would have you find out why.

Chapter begins with Machinists for the Morrow and ends with Machinists for the Morrow.
Unlocked on completion of Machinists for the Morrow.

Part Description
Part 1
A troupe of dancers have arrived in Limsa Lominsa from Radz–at–Han, their performances both delighting the eye and stirring the soul. In the midst of appreciating their show, you catch the attention of Mistress Nashmeira, Troupe Falsiam's principal dancer. In exchange for your assistance with the troupe's tour of Eorzea, she offers to instruct you in the art of the Kriegstanz, the ancient war dance passed down from her ancestors.

Chapter begins with Shall We Dance and ends with Save the Last Dance for Me.
Unlocked on completion of Save the Last Dance for Me.

Part 2
Thanks to your heroism, the perpetual twilight of the First has at last given way to night. Your duty there complete─if only for the nonce─you return to the Source and pay a visit to Mistress Nashmeira in Limsa Lominsa. She claims to have glad tidings to share with you and Ranaa both, but Ranaa is left baffled and bewildered by the news.

Chapter begins with Rising to the Occasion and ends with Rising to the Occasion.
Unlocked on completion of Rising to the Occasion.

Part Description
NewGame Thaumaturge P1.png
The funeral rites of the Order of Nald'thal have been focused and refined into what is known today as thaumaturgy, and the five brothers who lead the Thaumaturges' Guild have elected to offer you instruction in the dark art. The arrival of the sixth brother, however, serves to complicate your training.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Thaumaturge and ends with Facing Your Demons.
Unlocked on completion of Facing Your Demons.

Part 1
Ququruka Tataruka, a prisoner confined to Marasaja's Pit, has relayed a prophetic message to the Thaumaturges' Guild concerning you. The seal on the voidgate will be broken, and only <If(PlayerParameter(4))>she<Else/>he</If> bearing the Gem of Shatotto can hope to close it. Having retrieved said crystal from the sands of Thanalan, you must take the black, and harness your newfound powers that the realm may be spared.

Chapter begins with Taking the Black and ends with Always Bet on Black.
Unlocked on completion of Always Bet on Black.

Part 2
Though Ququruka is gone, his apprentice Lalai has stumbled upon an enciphered parchment among his effects revealing the whereabouts of tomes of magic thought to have been long lost─the Books of Nald'thal. Having inherited Ququruka's legacy, she believes these tomes and their secrets rightly belong to you, but malevolent actors conspire in the shadows to seize these relics for their own.

Chapter begins with Black Books and ends with The Defiant Ones.
Unlocked on completion of The Defiant Ones.

Part 3
In poring over the reunited Books of Nald'thal, Lalai has unearthed what appears to be a long-lost incantation. Entirely unfamiliar to her, the spell is accompanied by only a concise instruction urging the would-be caster to speak the words at Nald's Reflection. You accompany the young mage there and carry out the rites to the letter, but the magicks it invokes are not at all what she expected.

Chapter begins with Shades of Shatotto and ends with One Golem to Rule Them All.
Unlocked on completion of One Golem to Rule Them All.

Part 4
The First is at last safe from the encroaching Light, affording you a reprieve to return to the Source. In Ul'dah you meet with Lalai, who is happy to inform you that she has at long last completed her written record of all the knowledge of black magic she has gathered in the course of your adventures together. However, the Order of Nald'thal adamantly refuses to house such potentially dangerous knowledge within their archives.

Chapter begins with A Home for a Tome and ends with A Home for a Tome.
Unlocked on completion of A Home for a Tome.

Part Description
NewGame Arcanist P1.png
Originating in the south sea isles, arcanima is traditionally passed down only from master to chosen disciple. In a bid to prevent the art from dying out, the Arcanists' Guild was established in Limsa Lominsa, and it is there, under the guidance of the acting guildmaster, Thubyrgeim, that you endeavor to master its mysteries.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be an Arcanist and ends with Sinking Doesmaga.
Unlocked on completion of Sinking Doesmaga.

Part 1
The Sons of Saint Coinach are conducting research that requires the aid of an arcanist─specifically, one that has experience defeating the primal Ifrit. And it is for that reason Thubyrgeim asks you to travel to Apkallu Falls and meet with Y'mhitra to discuss a recent discovery: a set of ancient texts describing the existence of Allagan mages known as “summoners.”

Chapter begins with Austerities of Flame and ends with Primal Burdens.
Unlocked on completion of Primal Burdens.

Part 2
You believed Tristan to be defeated, consumed by fire at the culmination of your battle, yet there are witness accounts that place him at the scene of attacks in the deserts of Thanalan. Fearing the worst, you and Y'mhitra join in the investigation to track down the madman before more innocents come to harm.

Chapter begins with A Fitting Tomestone and ends with A Flare for the Dramatic.
Unlocked on completion of A Flare for the Dramatic.

Part 3
Saint Coinach's Find has discovered a tome they believe contains the wisdom of Allagan summoners. Together with Y'mhitra, you prepare to pore over its pages, but are taken aback when it suddenly springs to life and introduces itself as “Principia.” According to the animate familiar, it was created as an instruction manual for promising summoners, but its knowledge may only be given to those who complete three formidable challenges.

Chapter begins with A Book with Bite and ends with An Art for the Living.
Unlocked on completion of An Art for the Living.

Part 4
Peace has been restored to the First, the skies kissed by night for the first time in an age. Wishing to apprise your comrades in the Source of what happened, you return home, paying a visit to Y'mhitra. She is grateful to hear news of her sister, and informs you she has news of her own. Summoner Jajasamu, a member of the Immortal Flames' summoner squad, seeks your counsel on some undisclosed matter.

Chapter begins with To Be Second Best and ends with To Be Second Best.
Unlocked on completion of To Be Second Best.

Part Description
Part 1
An obviously distraught girl has begged you to help rescue her sister from a group of kidnappers. You rush to the scene, but can only look on in amazement as a sword-wielding mage dispatches the last of the would-be abductors. He introduces himself as X'rhun Tia, a Crimson Duelist and practitioner of red magic.

Chapter begins with Taking the Red and ends with Stained in Scarlet.
Unlocked on completion of Stained in Scarlet.

Part 2
With his vendetta against Lambard at an end, X'rhun is eager to resume your training, and is quite pleased to see your progress continues apace. The continued absence of your fellow student Arya, on the other hand, has become a cause for concern. The two of you eventually find her, but the young mage is not herself. X'rhun is convinced she suffers from a condition not unlike Lambard's, and labors to find a cure before it's too late.

Chapter begins with The Color of Her Hair and ends with With Heart and Steel.
Unlocked on completion of With Heart and Steel.

Part 3
With Lord Vauthry defeated and night restored to the First, her people may at last know peace. Though your work there is done, duty yet calls in the Source. As X'rhun explains, a band of graverobbers has made off with a blade once belonging to a member of the Crimson Duelists. They have proven difficult to apprehend using non-lethal measures and he would enlist your aid in the endeavor.

Chapter begins with Succession of Steel and ends with Succession of Steel.
Unlocked on completion of Succession of Steel.

Part Description
Part 1
A peculiar fellow by the name of Martyn has been selling wares in the fields of Summerford, alleging they will bestow upon those who purchase them the ability to wield blue magic. Finding such assertions to be dubious at best, the Yellowjackets have enlisted your aid in ascertaining the authenticity of the man's claims.

Chapter begins with Out of the Blue and ends with Turning Over a Blue Leaf.
Unlocked on completion of Turning Over a Blue Leaf.

Part 2
Martyn's recently established Blue Mages' Guild shows promise as it continues to grow steadily. Much to his surprise and delight, Fyrgeiss, member of Ul'dah's Syndicate and renowned lover of the Coliseum, has taken an interest in the Masked Carnivale, and has agreed to provide funding for the Celestium. But what will this benevolent benefactor seek in return?

Chapter begins with Into the Blue Again and ends with Blue Cheese.
Unlocked on completion of Blue Cheese.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Carpenter P1.png
Nestled beneath the boughs of the Twelveswood, the city-state of Gridania is home to the finest carpenters in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the strict eye of Beatin, head of the Carpenters' Guild. With saw in hand and a will to learn, you take your first steps on the path of carpentry.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Carpenter and ends with Saving Captain Gairhard.
Unlocked on completion of Saving Captain Gairhard.

Part 2
NewGame Carpenter P2.png
Thanks to the bow you masterfully crafted, Beatin is able to welcome his dear friend Gairhard safely back to Gridania. This earns you the undying gratitude and trust of the timbermaster, who now turns to you once more with a request─to find the owner of a finely crafted spear. This mission will take you to the Holy See of Ishgard, where your skills with a saw will be tested as never before.

Chapter begins with Lance of a Lifetime and ends with More Fierce than Fire.
Unlocked on completion of More Fierce than Fire.

Part 3
NewGame Carpenter P3.png
The spear you crafted for Barthovieu grants him the means to avenge his father and clear his name. Your work in Ishgard done, you duly report back to Beatin in Gridania. But no sooner do you arrive than the timbermaster places one of his new recruits in your care, a task that will take you across the seas to Far Eastern shores.

Chapter begins with Uncharted Territory and ends with Tea Party Rules.
Unlocked on completion of Tea Party Rules.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Blacksmith P1.png
Rising from the roiling waves of the Rhotano Sea, the city-state of Limsa Lominsa is home to the finest blacksmiths in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the keen eye of Brithael, head of the Blacksmiths' Guild. With hammer in hand and a fire in your belly, you take your first steps on the path of smithing.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Blacksmith and ends with Waiting in the Winglet.
Unlocked on completion of Waiting in the Winglet.

Part 2
NewGame Blacksmith P2.png
You have grown much in the short time you have spent with the guild. Indeed, even Brithael himself has named you one of the best blacksmiths he has ever known. Perhaps that is why it is to you he turns when seeking deft hands and an adept hammer to assist with a request from the Holy See.

Chapter begins with Forging Northwards and ends with Integrity.
Unlocked on completion of Integrity.

Part 3
NewGame Blacksmith P3.png
Baroness Laurisse of House Jervaint is one step closer to knighthood thanks in no small part to your ingenuity and smithing prowess. Having received payment for your services, you return to the Blacksmiths' Guild in Limsa Lominsa, unaware that trouble has arrived from the Far East in the form of a problematic protégé.

Chapter begins with A Missive from the Far East and ends with The Final Face-off.
Unlocked on completion of The Final Face-off.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Armorer P1.png
Rising from the roiling waves of the Rhotano Sea, the city-state of Limsa Lominsa is home to the finest armorers in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the sharp eye of H'naanza, head of the Armorers' Guild. With hammer in hand and a passion for plating, you take your first steps on the path of armorcraft.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be an Armorer and ends with Rivalry and Respect.
Unlocked on completion of Rivalry and Respect.

Part 2
NewGame Armorer P2.png
A rather unorthodox test of your skills by Admiral Merlwyb has saved the reputation of the Armorers' Guild. Though it proved a humbling experience for Blanstyr, he will need your help if he is to regain his footing as an armorer worthy of the name.

Chapter begins with The Breaking of Blanstyr and ends with The Pride of Vymelli.
Unlocked on completion of The Pride of Vymelli.

Part 3
NewGame Armorer P3.png
With your help, Blanstyr has rediscovered the fire needed for his work in the forge and built himself an enviable reputation. However, the man isn't content to rest on these laurels, and reveals that he means to leave the Armorers' Guild in order to hone his skills in the Far East.

Chapter begins with Original Blanstyr and ends with A Confluence of Style.
Unlocked on completion of A Confluence of Style.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Goldsmith P1.png
A flower blooming amidst the sands of Thanalan, the city-state of Ul'dah is home to the finest goldsmiths in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the not-so-attentive eye of Serendipity, master of the Goldsmiths' Guild. With hammer in hand and a burning desire to learn, you take your first steps on the path of goldsmithing.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Goldsmith and ends with Jaded.
Unlocked on completion of Jaded.

Part 2
NewGame Goldsmith P2.png
During your time at the Goldsmiths' Guild, you not only grow to become a master of your craft, but assist in bringing the notorious thief Jade Fox to justice. Having attained considerable renown for your work, it comes as no surprise when an agent of Eshtaime's Lapidaries comes to you with an important commission.

Chapter begins with Form to the Formless and ends with Two Hearts Beat as One.
Unlocked on completion of Two Hearts Beat as One.

Part 3
NewGame Goldsmith P3.png
The music boxes you crafted for Jeweled Peak and Still River give the couple an anniversary they will never forget. There can be no doubt that you are a master of your craft, which is perhaps why you have been handpicked by the sultana herself to serve as the headmaster of a new artisans' school.

Chapter begins with A Royal Request and ends with Sultana Dreaming.
Unlocked on completion of Sultana Dreaming.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Leatherworker P1.png
Nestled beneath the boughs of the Twelveswood, the city-state of Gridania is home to the finest leatherworkers in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the shrewd eye of Geva, master of the Leatherworkers' Guild. With knife in hand and the resolve to learn, you take your first steps on the path of leatherworking.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Leatherworker and ends with Accept No Imitations.
Unlocked on completion of Accept No Imitations.

Part 2
NewGame Leatherworker P2.png
Your efforts in the annual exhibition have earned you recognition as a full-fledged artisan of the Leatherworkers' Guild. Perhaps that is why a fledgling business in Ishgard has seen fit to have you serve as their advisor.

Chapter begins with Turndown Service and ends with A Winter's Sale.
Unlocked on completion of A Winter's Sale.

Part 3
NewGame Leatherworker P3.png
Elde's business is flourishing, the people of Ishgard coming to recognize both her quality products and your remarkable craftsmanship. Geva too has taken note of your exploits, and she can think of no better artisan to attend Eorzea's premier naturalist.

Chapter begins with A Taxing Request and ends with True to Life.
Unlocked on completion of True to Life.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Weaver P1.png
A flower blooming amidst the sands of Thanalan, the city-state of Ul'dah is home to the finest weavers in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the astute eye of Redolent Rose, master of the Weavers' Guild. With needle in hand and a passion for fashion, you take your first steps on the path of clothcraft.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Weaver and ends with A Miner Reborn.
Unlocked on completion of A Miner Reborn.

Part 2
NewGame Weaver P2.png
Your fashionable tastes and skill with a needle helped a young Lalafell follow his heart; now Redolent Rose would follow his own to Ishgard, that he might look upon the latest fashions of the nobles. Alas, his commitments keep him in Ul'dah, and thus it falls to you to be his eyes in the Holy See.

Chapter begins with The Social Knitwork and ends with Never Leave without a Good-bye.
Unlocked on completion of Never Leave without a Good-bye.

Part 3
NewGame Weaver P3.png
Your latest creation will accompany Averil to the battlefield, her love steadfast beside her. Having accomplished your task in Ishgard, you report back to the Weavers' Guild, where Redolent Rose tells you of a prospective business partner hailing from the Far East.

Chapter begins with When East Meets West and ends with Send Me an Angel.
Unlocked on completion of Send Me an Angel.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Alchemist P1.png
A flower blooming amidst the sands of Thanalan, the city-state of Ul'dah is home to the finest alchemists in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the eccentric eye of Severian, master of the Alchemists' Guild. With alembic in hand and an inquisitive mind, you take your first steps on the path of alchemy.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be an Alchemist and ends with Momentary Miracle.
Unlocked on completion of Momentary Miracle.

Part 2
NewGame Alchemist P2.png
Though only for a fleeting moment, Severian succeeds in resurrecting his lost love─a feat made possible by your assistance. Freed at last from his years-long obsession, the master alchemist urges you to join him in his continuing exploration of the limitless realm of alchemy.

Chapter begins with Without a Trace and ends with What Death Can Join Together.
Unlocked on completion of What Death Can Join Together.

Part 3
NewGame Alchemist P3.png
Who would have guessed your work as an alchemist would help unravel a murder mystery? Two times now your work has involved dealings with death, and it seems Severian is not wont to break your streak. Your next assignment, as he explains it, will have you visit the burial chambers of Ul'dah.

Chapter begins with Not Quite Dead Yet and ends with A Love Beyond Lifetimes.
Unlocked on completion of A Love Beyond Lifetimes.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Culinarian P1.png
Rising from the roiling waves of the Rhotano Sea, the city-state of Limsa Lominsa is home to the finest culinarians in the realm. There, aspiring artisans toil under the discerning nose of Lyngsath, master of the Culinarians' Guild. With frypan in hand and a taste for learning, you take your first steps on the path of cooking.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Culinarian and ends with Revenge of the Chefsbane.
Unlocked on completion of Revenge of the Chefsbane.

Part 2
NewGame Culinarian P2.png
Your culinary creations have both delighted the sultana and preserved the good reputation of the Bismarck, a feat that prompts Lyngsath to declare you have surpassed him. Recognizing your need for challenge, your erstwhile mentor now suggests you lend your services to an acquaintance of his who is in the employ of the Sanguine Sirens.

Chapter begins with Wait on Me and ends with The Spirit of Hospitality.
Unlocked on completion of The Spirit of Hospitality.

Part 3
NewGame Culinarian P3.png
You emerge victorious in the Dellemont d'Or with a perfect ten, the first in the prestigious competition's history. With this remarkable achievement comes great fame, and it isn't long before an admirer comes knocking on the guild's doors, hoping to learn from a culinary legend.

Chapter begins with Flavors of the Far East and ends with The Way to a Father's Heart.
Unlocked on completion of The Way to a Father's Heart.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Miner P1.png
Beneath the barren wastes of Thanalan lies a vast mineral bounty ripe for the digging─assuming one knows where to train one's pickaxe. Hoping to attain an understanding of the lay of the land, you seek out Adalberta, the master of the Miners' Guild.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Miner and ends with Canyon of Regret.
Unlocked on completion of Canyon of Regret.

Part 2
NewGame Miner P2.png
Your time as a miner is spent uncovering a great deal more than ore and minerals, as you help bring to light a grave misunderstanding between Adalberta and Deep Canyon. Seeing what a capable and committed miner you've become, the guildmaster suggests you answer a recent request she received from a company of sellswords in Ishgard.

Chapter begins with Breaking New Ground and ends with The Hole Truth.
Unlocked on completion of The Hole Truth.

Part 3
NewGame Miner P3.png
Your contributions to the mineral survey not only secured much needed resources for Ishgard, but also ensured the safety of Hatchling and his crew. On the back of these accomplishments, Adalberta turns to you for a new assignment, one that will take you to Idyllshire.

Chapter begins with Gift of the Gob and ends with A Miner Success.
Unlocked on completion of A Miner Success.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Botanist P1.png
The bounty of the Twelveswood is plentiful, but only those able to uphold the balance between man and nature may partake of her riches. So it is that you seek out Fufucha, head of the Botanists' Guild, that you might better understand the way of the woods.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Botanist and ends with Seeds of Hope.
Unlocked on completion of Seeds of Hope.

Part 2
NewGame Botanist P2.png
By reminding Fufucha how botany has improved people's lives, you help her to regain her former passion, and she returns to Gridania to resume her duties. A while thereafter, a reporter from <Emphasis>The Raven</Emphasis> arrives with a request to follow the doings of the guild's best. Fortunately, your guildmaster knows just the person for the job.

Chapter begins with Call from the Clouds and ends with Seeds Know No Borders.
Unlocked on completion of Seeds Know No Borders.

Part 3
NewGame Botanist P3.png
Mujih has penned several articles noting your exemplary work as a botanist, which are sure to inspire countless others to aspire to your greatness. Yet a botanist's work is never done, and this time Fufucha requests your company for a new venture in Idyllshire.

Chapter begins with Never Meet Your Heroes and ends with Edgyth's Winning Streak.
Unlocked on completion of Edgyth's Winning Streak.

Part Description
Part 1
NewGame Fisher P1.png
Blessed with the bounty of the Rhotano Sea, Limsa Lominsa has long been home to a flourishing fishing industry. Wishing to learn the way of rod and lure, you present yourself at the Fishermen's Guild, where fishers practice their craft under the tutelage of its netmaster, Wawalago, and his dedicated assistant, Sisipu.

Chapter begins with So You Want to Be a Fisher and ends with So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
Unlocked on completion of So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

Part 2
NewGame Fisher P2.png
In an impressive display, you reel in a fish of monstrous proportions─sufficient evidence for Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn to lift the fishing ban. With normality restored, Sisipu entrusts you with a seemingly simple task: returning a fishing rod to its absent-minded owner. Little do you know that it will lead you on an exciting excursion to Ishgard.

Chapter begins with Plenty More Fish in the Sea and ends with Carpe Diem.
Unlocked on completion of Carpe Diem.

Part 3
NewGame Fisher P3.png
Elusive though it is, the catkiller does not elude you for long, and you succeed in recovering the Rougecarpe Ring and securing Ansaulme's birthright. Having proven your talent for finding rare fish, Wawalago now turns to you with an even greater challenge: finding something believed to be extinct.

Chapter begins with Whither Wawalago Wanders and ends with Farewell, and Thanks for the Fish.
Unlocked on completion of Farewell, and Thanks for the Fish.